We went to Disney World sometime in the early 90s and didn't make it back again until 2019 but we are planning another trip this year so we don't miss another 30 years of magic. There were so many fantastic new things, but I admit to being a bit disappointed in some of the changes.

Journey Into the Imagination was one of those rides that I remembered so fondly that just didn't cut it last year - I agree that I wouldn't be surprised to see it go, though I hope the exploratory interactive exhibits (like those found at a children's science museum) are retained in some way or another. Those are pretty cool and a great thing to do on hot afternoons.

I thought the Muppet one had changed from when we were there before - I remembered it being touted as MuppetVision 4D and the seats squirted water among other effects so I was surprised that you said it hasn't changed - but I probably was remembering something else. Either way I am a Muppet fan and would love to see more of their presence, but I know they just aren't as popular with the kids these days because of the influx of computer generated characters.

I do wish they would cover more of their movies rather than focusing on a small handful that are almost over done. (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid...) I really missed the variety of wandering characters there used to be.

I think the only one on this list that I would really hate to see go would be Rivers of Light - that is my absolute favorite of the nighttime shows, it is so beautiful and serene, it suits the park and feels like a calmer way to end the day than the other shows. I'll be sure to go as many times as possible, just in case.

Boy would you have loved Epcot's Horizons, which followed the Carousel of Progress family into the 21st century!


Okay, as the writer, this cracks me up! Currently there are *rumors* that Carousel of Progress will get a refurbishment after the 50th anniversary celebration (so, late 2022) and re-open in summer 2023. Obviously I'm all for it and I'm aware that there are rumblings that may happen. But to negate the tireless and exhaustive research I've done for hundreds of features here on Theme Park Tourist because I didn't mention that completely-rumored refurbishment slated for three years from now in my fun, lighthearted editorial opinion piece is kind of silly!

The worst part of the carosel is they didnt have to ever change it at all! Why didnt they just build a 2nd carosel? They could throw n away that really stupid "space stage" in the MK then display the massive advancements in anamatronics disney owns!

The magic for me was the wicked witch at MGM. I could sware as a kid that, that bitç; was real!

I wish that Disney would leave the carousel of progress the way Walt Disney built it as a nod to Dismeys past and build a brand new one starting with today's age then into the future as a nod to Disneys vision.

You need to do your research before posting. The Carousel of Progress will be closing this year for a major renovation, which is supposed to include a reimagining of the final scene.

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