If SeaWorld is interested in getting to the root of its failed business model, Joel Manby should try looking in the mirror. Its on the skids because people who care about animals don't want to see them languishing in tiny, concrete tanks.

The only way to save sea world is for it to become a thrill Park. 3 coasters isn't going to cut it. Have to add at least 3 more. While still adding some rides for families. The world has changed and we are more conscious about animal rights. I think a thrill Park like six flags with a splash of theme and animals is what will turn guests around.

On the point about Aquatica, I would think attendance at Aquatica would actually increase because of Volcano Bay. Aquatica now stands as the ONLY 'discount' water park in Orlando as Wet n Wild closed in anticipation for Volcano Bay. Not only that, but Universal hasn't even begun selling single day tickets for Volcano Bay, which tells me this park may not be the most convenient to visit for local guests.

The actual net loss from SeaWorld in 2016 is $12.5 million, not the "staggering $12.5 Billion" as this article erroneously states.
From the news release on SeaWorlds Financial page under Full Year 2016 versus Full Year 2015,bullet point #2:
"Net loss was $12.5 million, or a loss of $0.15 per diluted share, compared to net income of $49.1 million, or $0.57 per diluted share, in 2015."

As someone who loves my hometown Sea World park here in San Diego, I was excited to visit the two Central Florida parks for the first time in 15 years on a recent visit, and was saddened to find basically dirty, poorly maintained and staffed parks with poor quality food. Both days spent there were hands-down the worst days we had during the two week visit. I really couldn't say what could improve the experience since I think the parks themselves are pretty badly flawed in their design (both involve far too much walking down narrow undefined paths) and in the politeness and competence of their staff (admittedly, slashing hours can do that to staff morale, but this is a notable drop off from what visitors are used to at the other Florida Parks)

The problem is Manby cutting the Orca program. It was NEVER going to get protesters and anti-SeaWorld people back, and it ended up ticking a lot of SeaWorld supporters off. Many that were not renewing their passes until Manby was no longer CEO. Joining up with the HSUS also alienated a lot of SeaWorld supporters.

Well ... it`s not only about declining tourism or "Blackfish". I`m a Passholder at SeaWorld since last year July and i only have been a couple of times. The thing is, even if you try to only go on some rides, i never get treated that bad in any other park, than i get at SeaWorld and i usually leave the park, not beeing happy at all. Nearly every Person you see or speak to in the park is rude and unhappy with his job. You see Cast Member eating and drinking in front of Attractions, having private chats that are more important than responding to guests questions, telling people off for information that hasnt been announcend to them, charging money for every single locker, offering overprized and a really bad quality of food... People spend a lot of money to have the best day possible, and you simply don`t get this at SeaWorld. With Disney just around the corner, i happily pay more money to get the magic i need on my off days !!

There is no way SeaWorld can continue on its current path. Even with the Orlando Pass offering, it does not help. Universal does not and will not help SeaWorld and the combined option does nothing for Universal. That is why Universal has no interest in buying SeaWorld and in fact would be hurt by buying them.

There are only several potential buyers, Merlin, Six Flags, Cedar Fair and a Chinese company. Merlin could add this to their current offerings in the area of Lego Land, The Orlando Eye, Sea Life Aquarium and Madam Trousseau. I doubt Cedar Fair actually wants them but Six Flags might and everyone knows Wanda Group would love to go after the Orlando Market and their competitors in China. There is one other possibility and that is the one company that would immediately increase SeaWorlds attendance and make it very profitable, Disney but Disney has never purchased a themepark company and most likely will pass on this.

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