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Except Tower wasn't an original ride. Also, Disneyland was built on IP. That was the whole point of the park. Even Tower is based on IP and not even Disney's IP.

So sad....I haven't been to California Adventure but am visiting it this November. I'm sad that I'm not going to see it in it's original form. It's my daughter's favorite ride too from Hollywood Studios. She may be disappointed now! As long as the ride is still operating I'll have to just look forward to that and be thankful that that is still open!

Clearly this site is biased and running on generating, less than incredible fluff articles. Is it sad that ToT is leaving Disneyland? Sure, do we need to write a eulogy for the ride every week? No. I think the concept art for GoGM:B is incredible. Yes Disney has been a bit lacking in "perfect" show, but it is still loads better than other parks. Not to mention they have to do something or risk being left behind, nostalgia only runs for so long. Six flags and universal have virtual coasters. The most exciting ride disney has are the matterhorn, space mountain, and ToT. The ride isnt going away, it's getting a refresh. Totally necessary, maybe not, a smart business move to begin redesigning the completely useless Backlot area? You bet.

And before you say I don't have love for ToT, it was my first ride at CA, I have been first family 3 times, and i got engaged on the ride. I love the ride. But disney is a company and needs to make money, and I guarantee new rides bring in revenue.

I think it is great, Disney is minimizing the downtime of the ride. I think you people would complain no matter what. If they start early you complain about them tearing down parts of the ride while it is still operating. If they wait you will complain about it being down too long. If they don't do changes, you will complain about the parks being boring and stagnate. If they change things, you will complain about them taking away nostalgic rides. How about everyone just stop complaining and enjoy it for what it is. I for one thank Disney for keeping the ride up while they do work and minimizing downtime.

I feel that Disney needs to go back with original ideas such as ExtraTERRORestial and stop competing with Universal Studios. My theory is Disney is trying the 'Universal Way' which is remove classic, original rides and shove in IP's. I think rides that does this fail. Look at ExtraTERRORestial which became Stitch, it's the most hated ride, Look at Enchanted Tiki Room, which went 'Under New Management' it failed as well. I feel that Tower of Terror will return and people have already compared Bob Chapek to Paul Pressler, Cynthia Harris, and even Michael Eisner.

I was there last week(18th September) and got my photos of front of building, so glad I wasn't a week later!

But Stitch's Great Escape is a terrible attraction. A terrible attraction that was park branding overtaking originality to begin with. If they must brand, I hope the Wreck it Ralph attraction is at least good.

What Disney is doing with its theme parks is DISGUSTING. Their management team shows absolutely NO concern for guest experience. Disney's standards have slipped even below the lowest bar they set for themselves during the Pressler era. This deconstruction of the Tower of Terror is remarkably bad "show" -- I seriously can't imagine even Six Flags or Cedar Fair trying to pull off something this despicable. Now I also hear the Stitch "encounter" at Tomorrowland at WDW is being operated seasonally and will be replaced with some Wreck-It Ralph attraction, proving that Disney is so brazen about selling its "brands" that it will continue to pick apart a concept like Tomorrowland or Epcot just to cram more branded content in there. I used to go to WDW every year and Disneyland four or five times a year (I live in L.A.). I have been to Disneyland ONCE in the past year and haven't been to WDW since 2012. I don't see that changing soon. I'm SICK of what Disney is doing to its theme park legacy. It's truly mind-boggling. And people still praise Iger? His network is in third place, people are leaving ESPN in droves, he is tearing apart the theme parks, and his movie studio can't come up with a single original idea. Disney is a sad, sad shell of its former self. But since it makes money, no one cares about creativity.

Total shame.

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