Has the ride been running more smoothly (fewer glitches/closings) now since it has been open for several months? We were unable to secure a FastPass and will be there in 4 weeks.

Still breaking down regularly. Twice last week on different days, the ride broke down and had to be closed when we were queuing for it. So never got to go on it. Very frustrating especially when it eats into your valuable time at these parks. Disney really should be doing better and should not have opened it until all issues had been fixed but I suppose they wanted to trick Frozen fans into the park over the summer period before it was ready. At least, we hadn't queued for that long unlike the other poor souls who had been queuing for hours. At least Soaring is a joy.

I was in Epcot 2 days before the official opening and was really shocked that Disney didn't do any type of soft openings for this attraction. I know that this was a reworking of Maelstrom, but there are enough new elements to have justified soft openings to work out the kinks. Now, the guests are paying the price with very un-Disney like experiences.

Had a fast pass on opening day and waiting almost an hour. Not sure if it was really worth it, but at least I can say that I got to ride it already. The animatronics froze at the very end so not clue what the last scene is supposed to be.

Wow. Wait 4.5 hours and have disney say nope. Come back later. That's harsh. Especially by Disney standards. I would think some sort of compensation would be in order.

Did the ride and is just beautiful! But I had a fast pass so I didn't have to go through the awful ordeal of making a line and then sent packing. I did wait for 45 minutes on the fast pass line.

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