We had a 9am Fastpass for Frozen last Friday so we only waited like 10-15 minutes in line. The animatronics are great but my wife, 3 kids and I were expecting the ride to be better.

I think everyone should keep in mind that before Frozen you could count about 12 people inside of Norway at any given time. This is giving underused area new life inside the park. The gift shop located inside the Norway pavilion is still a nice mix of traditional Norwegian goods and products tied to the film.

I think this serves as an exciting preview as to what is to come for U.S. Disney parks. Many of us have likely watched on ride videos of the rides at the new Shanghai park. I see many of the same elements in Frozen Ever After, albeit on a much smaller scale in the old Maelstrom's enclosed space. I think we will be amazed at what imangineers will be able to create in a much larger space when starting from scratch in the upcoming Pandora rides next year and Star Wars rides, open whenever that will be!

While the audioanimatronics are very impressive, this seems to be a cheap, let's get it done as quick as possible attraction. It seems Epcot is moving away from what it represented when it opened because people don't want to learn, they want to be fed everything. I love Epcot but I really think Disney is moving away from it's roots and is too busy trying to see what Universal is planning and doing and trying to compete with that instead of bringing in the quality, themed attractions. There just seems to be a lack of imagination.
I've seen where people complain about all the screens and lack of actual audioanimatronics in the ride. I agree. Disney and everyone else seems to be relying on screens cuz it's cheaper and easier to implement and change but it's not always best.
I don't know. I'm just kind of tired of all the hype and then being let down. Can't wait for Avatar and Star Wars...(sarcasm) sigh

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Ok Grumpy.

For me, there's no better "ride system" than the boats.
Looks amazing!! I miss Maelstrom, but this is better.
Can't wait to ride in September.

Why are they holding hands at the end of the attraction?

The biggest reason Disney did this was to bring a larger crowd to Epcot. Using Malestrom just made sense. I miss Malestrom, but this was genius. Between this and the new Soarin, Epcot is back on track. It was getting very stale. Once Holywood Studios gets Star Wars and Toy Story lands up and running, and Animal Kingdom opens Avatar....WOW!!!

Disney wasted thier time and money on that lame little mermaid thing. This is what should be there.

Honestly I found it to be a bit underwhelming. I was so excited for it, and while the Let It Go sequence was awesome, the rest was just eh for me. This should definitely be in Fantasy Land. The country is Norway and I feel they have taken so much of the cultural aspects away by making it seem like Arendale.

Best ride? LMAO

This should have been built in Fantasyland and with the current technology i expect the imagineers to create animatronics like this.
The ride itself is ok but they could have use a better ride system though.

Yes, I'm sure its going to be unbelievable. And yes like the end of this article says its in the wrong park. Thats the part that still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. EPCOT is about culture of the countries around World Showcase. Disney has now opened a door in this park for more Magic Kingdom type attractions, thus destroying the whole premise of EPCOT.

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