#4 isn't rolled out (yet). I got real excited when I saw this article today and tried. Got the warning that my guests had already made reservations at another park. Cannot make another fast pass at a second park.

Also very poor user design, it only pointed at one person, when all three have identical fast passes. I noticed this when I first made the FPs a few weeks ago. It shows you times that overlap with existing fast passes, and will throw an error. But only for one person at a time.

Some of the changes are good, but I just booked our fast passes and now, you have to have a complete hour/60 min between each fast pass. It will not even let you book them 5 min over another one. VERY ANNOYING. Not everyone has a family of 6 with toddlers that can't quickly move around the park. A fast pass does not take me an hour to wait in line and get on the ride. This is a HUGE drawback. Also, selecting fast passes is now much slower and aggravating. You can't just go back (yes there is a back button, does not work correctly). you have to keep restarting and going in again. Finally, when it blocks you because you did not wait the full hour after your other fast pass selection time, it will not list what is the block, just that you goofed up and have to fix "something". Very displeased. It should not be this difficult to get a fast pass.

Finally, don't have to go thru group of 3 fast pick and just make your FPs for exact time you want to begin with! And no walking to find kiosks to make 4th FP and waiting on line. If you can get on wifi! Hope they'll improve wifi.

I want Disney to make it easier for passholders with park hopper option. We should be able to make FP+ choices for at least two parks in one day, WITH our smartphone, without having to be in that 2nd park when making the reservation! We paid extra to park hop--we should have that option.

YAAAAS!! It is about time! These are exactly the recommendations I (and everyone else) have had since the beginning of the "new" Fastpass system. I would say this FINALLY makes it as good as the legacy fastpass system.

As this is dated for today, April 5th and not April 1 ( Not an April Fools joke ) I am ecstatic!!! This will be such a relief to us Pass holders who want to make a day trip!!

I don't think #5 is correct. We went last spring and had different FP in our family because our kids wanted different things. Some were the same, some were different. Even same-day at MK my youngest decided he didn't want to ride on the 7D Mine Train so we changed his and his dad's FP to Winnie the Pooh on my phone and they got in line.

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