I'm wondering if they will add magicband to the cruises. Makes sense to me they would and with two new ships commissioned to join the fleet it would be the perfect time to put in the technology. If successful and useful, the other ships could be retrofit for it. Especially since the older ships are getting ready for updates and undoubtedly will again I the future.

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Unless you deactivate them, all the bands you've used should still be active and you can use them interchangeably with new tickets. Go into the Magic Band section of My Disney Experience and it should show you all of them (and what's active).

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I'm painting mine!!! Check out my storm trooper one!!! :) https://instagram.com/p/BCRHfo0hGyr/

Due to high cost of designing and implementing the Magicband system, it is a Disney World exclusive.

Disneyland is smaller than the Magic Kingdom but contains more attractions.

Are magic bands exclusively a Disney World item or does Disneyland use them too? Our last two trips have been to DW but we would really like to plan a trip to DL. I have heard they are quite different in most regards.

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I don't think that you can return old bands. You can reuse a band by going to your Disney account page and click on the manage magic bands section. It should list all previous bands and allow you to add the extra bands you buy in the parks

Glad I've just seen this had already chosen my magic bands but now changed to the new purple one !!

Since my entire family goes to Disney on numerous occasions throughout the year, we have a large collection of Magic Bands. Can we return them or have them reignited for future use?

Was so happy to see purple added as a color for resort guests! Got mine on the way for my next trip!

Went to WDW in late 2015. Really liked the Magic bands. Although getting into the parks was a problem with one of our party (finger print scanner? why?). But being able to buy food and pictures was really nice. Also the FPP was very nice.

I like adding the purple. I wish they would allow you to purchase a "theme/printed" design. Even if they charged 10 bucks, I bet they'd do well with it. I would much rather have a Star Wars or Space Mountain band than a boring solid color. Or if you have a magic band already, give you a small discount (or credit at least) to reuse an old band. You just check it when you check in. If it works, you get a credit, if it doesn't work, you get a boring grey one.

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