What should be changed is the Michael Jackson and Ellen attractions in Epcot. Long overdue.

Can the "Zoey & Pickles" shop really be classified as an attraction, endangered or otherwise?

Whoa, slow down a second, buckaroo. First off, the Aerosmith coaster had a Star Wars overlay specifically for the paid opening night party ONLY - a PRIVATE event. As for what the overlay was - you were a guest, getting into a limo taking you to the premiere, and the limo driver had the music on the radio to get you in the mood for what you were going to see. Appropriate for that night, NOT a permanent replacement. The park isn't going all Star Wars (in case you've forgotten, there's a major Toy Story themed expansion in the works as well). Maybe a little more breathing before you panic might help.

Change is good. Non change is stagnant.
Be good, don't be stagnant.

When I was there last summer the line for Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters was very long. The skit they did on the carousel was hilarious. What it really seems to me is putting more character meets in the character meals, which are already difficult to get reservations for, where you have to pay to see them. More and more of the unplanned parts of a Disney experience seem to be slowly disappearing.

Of course the Star Wars theme of Rock n Roller coaster was raved about. It took place during a Star Wars event. Duh! Enough Star Wars and Frozen. There are people who don't care about these but take Aerosmith out of Rock n Roller coaster and you will lose people.

Re-theming the R&R coaster to Star Wars would be brilliant! As much as enjoy Aerosmith, time as definitely moved on, and I think a Star Wars overlay would work wonderfully in the space.

If I wanted to attend a Star Wars Theme Park - I would buy tickets to said theme park. I don't understand why they don't leave the original stuff along and just add to the park. Some of the attraction of coming to any park. Is letting your children experience things you did when you were a child. I loved Disney - But they have/are changing so much that I don't recognize it. I don't know that I will spend all that money to go back. I really hope they are making the right decision. From the looks of other comments - there are more than a few who agree with me.

NO! Not Rockin Roller Coaster. I'm not sure what else they would theme it as. I think it's quite timeless as it is. Aerosmith will always be relevant and their music timeless. What better music to ride a roller coaster with? Keep it like it is. Well I guess it's better than the Miley Cirus remodel that was rumored several years ago.

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