I feel rather disillusioned by the idea of demand pricing. I am a teacher and have loved Disney World/Disney Land pretty much my entire life. I realize that profit is a motivator, but I will never be able to visit during the 'slow' season as I do not get time off while the students are in school!

Surge Pricing is nothing new, Major league baseball has been using it for a while now which they call dynamic pricing. This is inevitable.

I have been a passholder for bout 5 years and I don't mind the price increase at all. The block out dates will not effect the times I go anyway. Most Floridians stay away from Disney at spring break, summer and Christmas. It works for me!!

I think this is a terrible idea. The prices are already difficult enough, and we all know they aren't going to discount off period, just raise other times. Until Disney opens more parks, no more major price changes!

One more thing - these price surges - prices won't be lower during the slow times, they will be higher during the most popular times. The cost for my resort during the week - approximately $199 per night - on the weekend approximately $230 per night. Seems like the surge has already started. (I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but those prices are close.)

This December will be my last trip to Disney. It used to be a truly magical place, but their "model" is to gouge the customer. It used to be that the average family could afford to make wonderful memories there. Now, only those who are well off can do so. This time, I don't feel that sense of anticipation. I just feel like I'm going to get ripped off. I am a Disney lover, but I think that is a Walt Disney lover. If he were still around, I don't believe these changes would be happening.

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