What about the servers at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge? Those servers are "in character" all the time!! With special names, games, yelling, jokes, guest interactionThis is not a new experience for Disney! These are some of the best characters and servers in the whole area!!!

I would love to see more attraction-based restaurants. This could bring a whole new dimension to the magic of Disney. Thanks for sharing!

I really like the idea of the cast members staying in theme for the location but I've seen this come and go before. A prime example is Tower of Terror. I used to love how the castmembers would act all creepy fitting the location. Now they are all smiles and act like anyone else working at an amusement park. It's just not special anymore.

The wait staff at 50's Prime Time Cafe are "in character", so Skippers Cantina will not be the first restaraunt to offer this feature.

A haunted mansion restaurant would be amazing. I have always craved more from the hm. The jungle cruise is awesome too. I enjoy a good pun. My all time favorite skipper is Mary Kate.

They need to give the best skippers the first chance at this new job. If you have a lame one, it will suck as much as the boat spiel can.

This is such an excellent idea. It's so refreshing to see Disney open a new property based on an established attraction rather than doing 'the next best thing' *cough cough* Frozen. I am really looking forward to this. I've always though Disney should open resorts themed around popular rides... I can only imagine how awesome a Haunted Mansion RESORT would be. I'd be first in line, dying to check in.....

I probably missed this detail, but is it supposed to be quick service or table service? Or both (like Be Our Guest)?

This is really no different than the 50's Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. It just depends on your comfort level with such interactions, so some people may love it and others may not! I look forward to trying it out when it opens!

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