Really hoping for a Pirate themed restaurant...maybe character meals!!

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They used to close. The parks to ore guests once it. Hit "capacity". They have raisedthatnumver over the years and capasityiswaytoomanypeople! It hasgottenso bad we are considering not renewing ourseasonpasses which we have been getting for 20 years

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Drive to Daytona from Orlando. There is the same experience at the track in Daytona.

Bummed to hear they are shutting down the Petty Driving Experience. Was planning a trip to Disney for our 30th anniversary in July and was hoping to give the experience to hubby as part of his gift. He is huge NASCAR fan. Oh well back to drawing board.

I've been to Disney 4 times 3 in the past 9 years and I never even knew they had that driving experience in the Magic Kingdom parking lot I never seen it or heard about it

If I remember correctly, the MK parking lot rarely filled up once the number of on-site resorts increased especially with the addition of the moderate and value resorts. I never understood the logic of building a racetrack at WDW, but my husband did do the Richard Petty Experience in 1999 and really loved it!!

Adding to the parking lot is not the problem . It add more to it. Rite now with them parking lots filled to capacity the park is miserable. Are we just going to add just enough to take the cars off the grassy area or are we going to build another huge parking lot and keep packing the park. I know that not every day they will use it. I'm glad to see the track go but I think this new attraction won't last the pricing is always to high.

exactly.... garages would be better like the ones at universal... they require less walking and stuff... they handle more cars and make things more easy.

Hi Glenn if you look at it Esther way if they wanted to build parking garages for more attractions it wouldnt make Sense because the parking is way out of Magic Kingdom the TTC is way out far from MK! So I don't know if you remembering taking a Monorail or Boat to the Magic Kingdom! Unless you are gonna build the attractions over the seven seas lagoon! There's a lot of Parking Spots over at TTC unless you are getting confuse with parks! The price is nothing to be with Atracttions or nothing like that! So hope this actually clears your doubt!

I hope they bring back the hawaii'an hot dog!!!!!

Hoping they bring back the quality that Adventureland veranda had I have missed that eating location for so long it will be an opportunity for an out of sun place to enjoy a dole whip. Perhaps bring back something like the Hawaiian style restaurant that was next to tiki birds in Disneyland in 1982 yum.

Uh, why didnt they just build parking garages instead? Theyd take up less room, could accomodate more vehicles and free up space for more attractions. Which is what they need seeing as how they raised the price to $105!

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