No excuses, come on this pile of rocks anywhere else would be scornful. There is no defense for it.

what a huge disappointment! I've always loved this hotel and my husband proposed to me at this hotel! Now it doesn't even resemble what used to be. So cheap, tacky, and quite frankly lame! Walking into that hotel used to be an experience that transported you to a tropical island, now it won't be the same :(

I have to say that I really hate the new lobby. It looks tacky, cheap, and is really an insult to those who have always loved the Poly's it was. Gone now are the charm and character that the previous water feature always provided the place.

The new lobby is an insult to those who've always loved the myself. It looks tacky, cheap, and has completely taken away the charm and beauty of the lobby. Some ridiculous red seats and colored orbs hanging overhead are no replacement for what was.

Very disappointed. Disney has ruined this resort.

I'd grade the student union at a public university as more appealing than this generic and frankly lazy design. Poor job Dis.

The new lobby of the Polynesian Resort in my opinion is a big disappointment. I have been a guest there many times over the last 20 years and it was always so breathtaking to enter the lobby with that great waterfall in the center. Now it is just so tacky looking with no spectacular qualities. Disney should have listened to the old saying if it isn't broke don't fix it!

Not sure I like this. Extra seating was needed in the lobby but I miss the large tropical jungle atmosphere.

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