Absolutely don't replace Aladdin show. It is the best and I want to keep it forever. It is my favorite show in both parks and many haven't even got to see it yet. I talk to people when waiting in line and they said I didn't even know it was here. After the show they said they loved it and would come again. The Genie keeps it up to date with his jokes. I am Frozen Out.

What happened to Disney they are taking all the magic away and their worried about money!!! It bull

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Thanks! Updated.

Star wars land??? Oh god :( sounds crap, gutted about the hat was looking forward to seeing that at some point :( but won't have chance now, flippin stars wars great! >:(

Perhaps before writing a patronising comment you should check the official Disney Parks Blog:

While cast members have mentioned returning in the spring, there has been no official confirmation of this from Disney.

To quote directly: "If you’re curiouser and curiouser about what’s coming in its place, stay tuned! We’ll have updates to share with you soon." This doesn't sound like a return, does it?

Some of those are sad but I'm really not going to waste any tears on the hat. I never liked the hat all that much. I felt it detracted from the "old Hollywood" style in the rest of that area of the park and the idea that the entire thing is nothing more than a pin shop seemed like a waste of space! (At least they should have made it a hat shop!)

Please mention that Sunrise Safari is only for Ckub Level Access Guests at Jambo House. Failure to mention this makes it seem that anyone are eligible for this and they are not. Thanks!

Perhaps before writing an article you may wish to research a bit, something I know is hard for most internet journalists (using the term loosely). Mad T is just going down for the holidays and returning in the spring. So perhaps fact check next time

Indiana Jones, if it is leaving, isn't going anywhere for a long time. The rumor was started by another Disney site that is known for spreading baseless rumors as fact. Disregarding that, nothing at Studios could close until something else is open from an operational standpoint. With the removal of the people eater Backlot tour and Idol and Jack Sparrow, the park's capacity has been greatly lowered and the remaining attractions are strained already. Nothing will close until something else is opened to alleviate some of the burden on the existing attractions or until they have already started construction in the area. And besides, there are very strong rumors about the Frozen sing along moving permanently to the American Idol building, thus putting a damper on the whole "Star Wars Land" idea. If any show will be removed first, it will be Lights, Motors, Action, which is significantly less popular and is one of the most expensive shows on property to run. Disney has only announced a greater Star Wars presence, nothing else. I see a Pixar expansion as something far more likely to occur as they have lots of room back there already, with two attractions already closed.

Please NO star wars land, unless other properties are getting the same treatment. Please don't make HS like Universal.

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