Disney is milking that cash cow for all it's worth. Ditching MAELSTROM and placing a FROZEN ride in it's place I'm sure is only the beginning.

Millions of parents with millions of little girls drunk on all things Anna and Elsa will pay top $$$ to come all the way to Orlando, so their little princesses can keep their Frozen high going.

Forget WORLD SHOWCASE and it's emphasis on exhibiting nations & cultures from around the globe. It's all about the never-ending Arrendale cash register! Don't stop at Norway, Disney. Keep going! Re-theme every attraction in the WDW Complex to FROZEN.


I can only imagine what Disney has planned to change their cruise lines to cash in on FROZEN. On & on, it's endless.... *ad nasusem*.

Rest in peace, Maelstrom. A fun, educational ride about Norway, it's history, it's mythology, and culture. Again, this is the mission of World Showcase. IMHO, Disney has dropped the ball, big-time.

Something tells me that Blizzard Beach may get some Frozen references, too.

Great, now the song "Let it Go" will become the new "It's a Small World" that will play in our heads on an endless loop for the rest of the day at the park.

They do a princess breakfast in norway with all the princesses so I think it seems fit. As much as i liked maelstrom change is good. It will get kids more excited about epcot

Change is good and is what Walt always talked about. This will be a good addition to the EPCOT family of rides. To be honest I've been to EPCOT several times and I have never even heard of the Maelstrom ride until this post. Can't wait to ride the new Frozen ride one day!!

If you don't like Frozen..just walk past the ride. It's pretty simple. I don't like rollercoasters. However I still love going to Disney. There's no one ride or attraction that's ever going to please every single park goer.

Nooooo!!!!!! Gosh dang it! Disney, leave some of the old stuff alone. Not everything needs to be corny and chick full of cartoon characters!!! I love Maelstrom!! And honestly, I don't think Epcot needs to get rid of it's more serious rides! God forbid our kids learn something without the help of a cartoon. :/

I love Frozen it's awesome to see it in EPCOT Norway And I can't wait to ride it in 2016!

Walt Disney always wanted to have the parks grow and change if it stays the same it dies. I know people hate change but really get over it.

I absolutely HATED "Frozen", and I'm insulted that they would remove a cultural and educationally enjoyable ride like Maelstrom to input that garbage there. "Frozen" is a fantasy-movie, so do something with it in Fantasyland....NOT in Epcot. Bad move, Disney.

In reply to by Lily (not verified)

I don't go to disney for science and technology. If I wanted that then I would stay home and go to COSI. In fact, I go to Disney for the magic!

In one of the countries is not the right location for a knockoff from a movie. Norway could have been updated and left. When it's changed, it will give me time for something else because I'll skip it.

You know what staggs, why not go ahead and fuck it up even morr by naming it frozen world instead of Disney world. This company has already fucked up walts dream. Now they are going to take away a classic ... Cinderellas Red wish at chrismas. Bullshit bullshit.bullshit

I think this shows Disney listen and move to accommodate the masses. Frozen is huge and a proven crowd puller - I've been going to WDW since 1993 but only went on Maelstrom for the first time in 2012 when we found it accidentally.. I think EPCOT until a few years back was seen as duller/more boring park.. So I think the imagineers are doing an amazing job!

I am frozened out......enough already

Epcot is not the place for a Frozen ride! Epcot is about science and history and innovation, not princesses. Also, Maelstrom is a classic. There are so many things wrong with this.

Maelstrom was just a bit of a fixer-upper! Let it go! The trolls never bothered me anyway.

So disappointed about maelstrom closing! Epcot was one of the few places left where it was over taken by movie themes. Norway was my favorite country! I am going in December and will greatly miss this ride!

Why not leave Malestrom open until the end of the year! Some people have booked fast passes already!

I miss Epcot Center where there were no cartoon characters. This move sucks. Nemo overtaking the Living Seas, lion king in the Land, donald in Mexico and now this. It sucks. Hate how Iger have turned the parks into toon synergy land

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