Hate to be that guy but Europa Park isn't in Iceland, it's in Germany. Blue Fire is in the 'Iceland' themed part of the park so I can see where the confusion came from. :)

Blue Fire and Europa Park are in Germany. The coaster is in the Iceland part of the Park.

Hey big fan of you website, but just a small remark: Blue Fire isn't in Iceland, it's in Germany. But I understand the confusion: Iceland is the name of the themed area in which the coaster is placed. (most of the themed area's in Europa Park are named after and modelled after European countries).

Just so you know: Europapark's Blue Fire is also in Germany - it is only in the Iceland-themed area of the park.

In fact, Europapark is by far the biggest theme park in Germany, even if personally I do prefer Black Mamba to Blue Fire.

Correction, sir. ;-)

Blue Fire and Europa Park are NOT situated in Iceland.
Europa Park is located in Germany. The themed lands inside Europa Park are named and themed after various European countries. And Blue Fire is in the "Iceland-Section" of Europa Park, Germany.

One correction: Europa-Park is - as well as Phantasialand and Holiday Park - located in Germany. Blue Fire is part of the Iceland themed area within the park.

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