I visited many times as my kids grew , they loved it and so did I. We will miss it but have great memories of fun and laughter. Ty Disney for the memories

I think a big problem was that it wasn't well known about. Even living in Florida for 6 years after it opened, I didn't hear of it at all. Finally heard about it in 2010, 2 years after moving back to FL. I say the price was well worth it especially with all the arcade games included. I ended up going there just twice, both times in 2016, but wish I had started going earlier. I think the technology was still nice to look at on the major attractions inside, even if it wasn't as impressive anymore. And everything there was worth doing. They could've updated it and advertised it a lot more but decided not to. We'll see if the NBA thing will have its longevity, doubtful since it closed at universal. But with losing this, we have lost the last great arcade and some great attractions

I only got to go to Disney Quest a couple of times near the end but I loved it! I agree it was too pricey, but I wish they could have somehow saved it. I'm not really one to care about graphics so I loved how interactive it was. Especially Pirates of the Caribbean. They had great burgers too. I miss the atmosphere!! I miss Cyberspace Mountain! I miss the classic arcade games! It was worth going to that's for sure. From a business perspective I understand why they closed it. But I wish they didn't.

Nice article, though apparently Pirates of the Caribbean actually replaced a Hercules-themed opening day attraction, it would have been nice to have heard a little about that.

The article also doesn't really cover an issue with DisneyQuest which seems to be common ground for most reviews - upkeep was abysmal, far below Disney's normal standards. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the shoddy maintenance was a result of a lack of provided budget rather than deliberate oversight.

I'm not big into games--and not very good at them. And a lot of the games there needed more than one person, and I usually go to Disney solo. I went there two or three times, once with my cousin, so I was able to do some of the games I hadn't before. My favorite was Cyberspace Mountain. That was a real ride and not a game. If DisneyQuest had been more about rides and shows, like you find at the theme parks, I could better imagine it doing well in cities across the continent.

You completely ignored one of the opening day attractions, treasure of the Inca. Google it. This attraction sold me on DQ the first time we went. Maybe more so than cyberspace mountain. Seems like a huge omission from this article.

I went to Chicago Disneyquest multiple times. Attendance was very suppresed by the high parking fees (not due to Disney, parking downtown in Chicago is just expensive). And driving in to the downtown area is a hassle in any case, adding to the issues. Maybe they should have placed it in the near west suburubs, where Mini-Legoland has found success, it would have done well enough for them to continue to invest.

I'm a native Floridian that has been going to this area since it was called the Disney Village. Even though I was in the target demographic for Disney Quest I had really no desire to visit. To me it seemed like a waste of money. Why would I want to spend about 50% of a one day ticket to one of the major parks for a subpar arcade simulation that would really only entertain for less than half a day? So I never went. Fast Forward to Summer of 2017 where I finally decide to go. I have a child of my own now so the appeal was a little greater than before plus I really did want to see what it was like before it closed. Initially I was excited. The lobby even increased that excitement. I loved the whimsy that it conveyed. That was a mistake. This article really hit it on the head. Even though the announcement came in 2015 Disney really decided to close Disney Quest 14 years earlier in 2001. You can tell that they just left it to rot and did not invest any money into it. Not only that but they didn't even maintain anything. Granted I visited within the last few weeks of its lifespan but there were literally more things that didn't work than things that did. Out of four sound booths only one was operational. Only half of the rafts were working. Same with the Pirates of the Carribean, although the line wasn't long at all it took forever because they were only operating two rooms. Many of the arcade cabinets were nonfunctional. I really can't believe that Disney kept Quest open all these years. I think it was a major disservice to patrons. Especially to charge as much as they did. I say shame on Disney for knowing they had a dud and keeping it open anyways. I think the only reason they did is because it was in a giant box so they could hide how dilapidated and outdated it looked on the inside. That and they didn't have to pay rent. They were smart to get rid of Disney Quest in Chicago.

As a side note I really cannot reconcile that first picture of the Disney Village with what it looks like today. They must have done a lot more construction with changing the shape of the lake than I had realized.

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