This would be the perfect attraction for WDW's Adventureland and there is a great way to fit it in. Create a vastly improved Jungle Cruise in Animal Kingdom, where it is a perfect fit and gives AK another much needed attraction. That opens up a ton of space for Mystic Manor, Indiana Jones, and a Shanghai version of Pirates vs. the afterthought downsized version of its California brother.

I am a little bit concerned with the way that Disney parks in the US are starting to head. I really think that the success of Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout will determine which direction Disney Execs will go with the future of the parks. The "problem" is that honestly that is what the people want. The majority of the theme park attendants are not people who long for the days of riding in a bucket overhead of the slowly circling nautiluses (nautili?) they want the latest thrill that Disney has to offer. Unfortunately I agree with the article that they really kind of almost have to build out their IP more in the parks. It's what the people want, it makes the most business sense, and makes for more synergy with movies and TV shows and such. But that leaves us the Disneyworld/Land enthusiast longing for the days you could sit in a slow moving bucket looking down on the even slower moving nautiluses gliding by.

In addition to that the Asian Disney parks pretty much have a blank slate in terms of brand recognition, especially in Shanghai, so that they can do an incredibly unique Pirates ride based on the movie instead of the original Walt Disney attraction. Another factor is the fact that Imagineering has a seemingly blank check to draw from since it isn't the Disney company itself that has to foot the bill.

Unfortunately because of these factors I only see this getting worse. The Asian parks are going to get more innovative while the US parks will continually develop more IP based attractions. Not that that is always a bad thing. Pandora and Star Wars Land seem like they will be a whole new level of immersive and interactive. It's just not exactly what those of us who read and comment on Theme Park Tourist want.

Mystic Manor is an attraction I would love to see but it will never happen unless it comes to the U.S. It is an absolutely perfect attraction for WDW's Adventureland. Alas, there is no room. Solution. Build a new, state-of-the-art Jungle Cruise in Animal Kingdom where there is plenty of space and it themes perfectly. This opens tons of space in the currently limited real estate of Adventureland. Room for Mystic Manor, Indiana Jones, and a totally revamped Shanghai version of the Pirates of the Caribbean changing that ride from the afterthought shortened version of the original to the glory it deserves.

Great article, but the description of the ride system is quite misleading. Yes, it's very impressive and yes, it is trackless. However, the system isn't as complex as Hunny Hunt and they're isn't a randomness to how the cars move through the attraction. Each of the four cars, while each being slightly different, will always follow the same route. For example, if you rode four times in car 1, you'd get the same experience four times. Hint: try for car 3 - the ride ops will be fine if it hasn't been filled already - this one will spend the most time in the final room, allowing to see everything in detail. Car 2, only joins the final room at the last minute and you miss a lot of it.

I'm quite surprised to see no mention of the original designs for the ride and it's subsequent "toonification" here. Also no mention of the "Splash Pirates" concept once touted for this park seems unusual, given the lack of focus on Mystic Manor and more general discussion of HKDL.

As one fortunate enough to have been able to ride Mystic Manor I can attest to its brilliance, however I don't think that it's the greatest Disney attraction. As marvelous as the ride system is the ride itself is missing that sense of scale you get in rides like the Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Splash Mountain. The experience is tight though and it feels magical like the other Mansion rides. It would be a solid addition to any park lucky enough to have it.

That would be interesting to learn about. Usually these articles are so thorough. Not that I didn't love this article. Would be interesting to learn about that. Any links to learn more? What is the Splash Pirate concept?

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