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Oh, well, then excuse me for reading your post in the wrong way.
It is true that Disneyland Paris is not making any money right now (and for the last 25 years), but I thought you were blaming the park for every cancelled projects. Yes, some of them are cancelled because of the financial disaster that is Disneyland Paris (you mentionned Indiana Jones Adventure in you comment, wich is a good example), but not all of them.

Anyway, I know understand your point of view and I agree with you on many points. Thank you for your reply!

Of course Paris led to innovation! I proudly call it the most beautiful Disneyland style park on Earth, easily beating even the original. In many pieces I've written here, I've praised Tony Baxter (a personal hero) who production-designed the whole thing. Paris is an absolute wonder! I'm not hard on it at all.

But never before in Disney Parks history has a single project been so ambitious that its failure lead to a sincere, fundamental change in executive leadership's understanding and actions. After Disneyland Paris failed to meet expectations (and by the way, 25 years later, it's *still* not financially balanced despite being the number one paid tourist attraction in Europe... think about that!), all of these projects were cancelled or closed. That's a tremendous, unimaginable impact.

The projects you listed above are great examples of Disney's low-cost efforts to "plus" to the park, and each has its own story:

- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril was rush-ordered to bring the park a new thrill ride ASAP. Imagineers had already planned to build Indiana Jones Adventure and Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune in a "Phase II" expansion of the park when it needed a boost of public awareness, but the park needed it *right away.* To compensate, Indy was designed and tossed in as a quick fix while Space Mountain could be hurried into production (in a much less ornate fashion than originally designed.) So the Indy roller coaster, while it might've been Disney's first with an inversion, is in fact the product of the cancellation of the much more elaborate Indiana Jones Adventure. The only follow-up Disney coaster that owes its existence to Temple of Peril is DisneySea's Raging Spirits.

- Walt Disney Studios Park was a contractually-obligated park that's easily Disney's least successful and lowest quality, and Lights, Motors, Action was cloned for Florida's own vacant Studio park where it's already been closed.

- The Little Mermaid ride designed for Disneyland Paris was ornate and unique, and after the park didn't meet expectations, it was cancelled... in other words, we could've put that ride on this list! The ride that eventually opened at Disney California Adventure and Magic Kingdom has very little in common with the Paris concept, which is a shame.

- Toy Story Playland was designed for Walt Disney Studios *because* the tiny park needed a "cheap and cheerful" infusion of family rides, and is now seen as a scapegoat concept that's dropped into any park that doesn't have enough to do and needs a low-budget way to get more: Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. It would be fair to list this as a "Cop-Out" in this feature.

In other words, don't get me wrong: I *LOVE* Disneyland Paris, and Disneyland Paris has contributed SO MUCH to Disney Parks and theme parks in general. But it's interesting to consider how different every other Disney Park on Earth would look today if it weren't built.

By time they'd done any narrowing down, the choice was between two sites in Spain and two in France. Ultimately, France offered the better financial package of tax credits and write-offs, and had a more central location in Europe. The selling point was that Marne-la-Valleé was close to Paris, and within a 4-hour drive of almost 70 million people and a 2-hour flight of 300 million. I suspect UK sites probably were in the initial list of over 1,000 that Dick Nunis came up with, but France's central location, connection to the rest of Europe, and all the available space so near to an international city, Paris nabbed the deal!

I always wonder....would the UK have been a better choice of location for a park in Europe? Was the UK considered?

I would love Horizons to come back, even in VR

You also forgot to mention when President of The Walt Disney Company Frank Wells died in a helicopter crash when returning from skiing in 1994.

Wow, you guys are really hard on Disneyland Paris.
The Parisian park also helped other Disney Parks around the world!

- "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril" was the first coaster with an inversion in a Disney Park. This was asked by Disneyland Paris in 1993 and was supposed to be opened for only a few years because The Walt Disney Company thought that a looping in a Disney Park would never work. "Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith", "California Screamin'" and other Disney-Coasters are here because Indiana Jones was a success.
- Without the Walt Disney Studios Park, "Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show" would never have existed in Florida.
- "The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure" was designed for Disneyland Paris and was supposed to open just a few years after the grand opening of the park in 1992!
- "Toy Story Playland" was designed for the Walt Disney Studios Park and is now exported in many other Disney Parks around the world.

The list could go on and on. Of course, we can't compare just a few experiences to a whole park, but Disneyland Paris is not the only reason of the "heartbreaking closures of Lost Legends instigated by Disneyland Paris".

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