I LOVED this ride in its original incarnation. It was thrilling to hit those G's. Disney wussed out and made a terrible error by toning it down. Red card and green card indeed. Just like ExtraTerrorestrial, the warning signs about the intensity were everywhere. It was a thrill ride and not for those with severe medical problems. Yet 90 year olds hooked to their oxygen would still queue up because it was a Disney ride and of course they are accommodated. Sigh.

The article title has no bearing on the article whatsoever... just click bait, plain and simple. Furthermore, this article makes no sense.

Glad to see that the writer of this piece isn't even the least bit biased against the ride, no sir. Only objective facts here, clearly...

So... Are they changing Mission: Space? Your title hints at it but never confirms...

The author of this piece is the worst kind of know-all. He assumes that as he hates the ride, everyone else will as well. He claims the ride isn't "fun", millions of people would beg to differ. Yes some people get nauseous, that's why they brought in the Green channel. I hate this type of person, his opinion must be treated as fact and so he hates on an attraction, that many people find a highlight of their trip. Awful, awful article.

So what you're saying is you don't like the ride.

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