Hi I’m considering buying up some usable dvc points to travel Oct 2930. My concern is that once we secure point from an owner will we pay surcharges on things within resort . We would like to use Orlando and live in the oaks ue animal kingdom and purchase a de luxe dining plan
I kind of been warned off by saying lots of surcharges are added on including parking?
Can you help me with so actual facts

Liz Glasgow

So if I buy dvc resale, do I still have access to rci resorts?

Question, can you by resale points for a better price per point at a resort theat is. It your choice resort and then buy a small amount of points for your preferred resort to have the option to book there sooner? For example purchase 200 at Saratoga and then 50 more for the poly so that you can book at the poly? Not sure if my question makes sense:(

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Hi, did you ever receive a response? I have the same question

Hi David, great article, thank you. We are in the UK and currently looking into DVC trying to keep a balanced view and not get caught up in the Disney Bubble! I would be interested to know your thoughts on pros/cons of a Uk buyer if you have any. Thanks

We are currently looking to purchase DVC at our next trip, this coming March / April. If I am getting your article correctly I can buy the minimum from Disney direct and the add to this number of points from buying resale, and still maintain DVC benefits.
1) Is that correct
2) would I be able to add these points to my direct purchase home resort
Buying direct first adding resale later
Please let me know your thoughts and possible hidden downsides

One thing to note is that you can finance the cost. Sure 17k seems expensive up front. But with a modest downtime the you can pay less than 200 per month.

We just got into DVC and cut wait to use it. My buddy was bugging me saying that I'm locked into a disney vacation. Yeah but I want a disney vacation and will plan my savings around that.

I looked into the DVC many times and took a tour of the Polynesian to see the new building. There are some shady ways that they don't tell you the entire cost and they make it seem like you will be saving money a lot faster than you really are. It's takes about 8 years of consecutive trips until you start to save money on your stay. If you know you will be going to Disney every year for many years to come, it's a great value. I've almost pulled the trigger a couple of times but the biggest downfall for me is how far you need to book in advance if you want to guarantee the hotel that you want. At least a year in advance doesn't really work for me.

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