I had the opportunity to ride the Rods in the spring of 2000, not long before they closed. Wait time in the queue was about 45 minutes, and the ride itself was okay, but not overwhelming. Fortunately, they seemed to have most of the block management issues worked out, and we didn't experience any unexpected stops. The wheelies were working as well. All in all, not bad, but not worthy of being considered a headlining attraction, and I'd have preferred the Peoplemover. Being a monorail driver at WDW, I was far more excited about being given the opportunity to drive Monorail Blue during my Disneyland visit. :-)

I rode the Rocket Rods fairly often and liked them just fine. I missed their cheerful sounds when they went away, because Tomorrowland had no area music (except the occasional Observatron tune) until they brought in the WDW loop later on. I don't remember waiting too tremendously long to ride. We used single rider once it was available. I still have one of the original color-printed, laminated single rider passes that I randomly "inherited" from a friend. Those were quickly replaced by plain red paper slips because too many people were walking off with them. Oops.

I did ride the Rocket Rods and loved them!!! I don't remember how long the wait was but it couldn't have been too bad. I would love to see the same kind of ride put back there! They really were a lot of fun!!

I went on this ride and the wait wasn't long at all. I thought the ride was fun and different. I don't know why they don't try to bring back a similar ride and fix all the issues that made it break down all the time. Since they have to keep the track because of structural issues, just make the track similar to Test Track.

The Peoplemover WILL return to DL sometime in the future, Pessimistic Brian!

I did get to experience this ride. I was 8, and to my 8 year old self it was awesome! I do remember waiting forever, and feeling like I had to walk up an eternity of stairs. I'm really bummed I never got to go on People Mover, it seems awesome! So if it was possible, I would want that back, not a thrill ride.

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