Thank you so much for posting this. I visited DCA on opening month for the first time on February 2001. I was only 8 at the time, and I wanted to ride Superstar Limo, but it was closed.

But now, looking back on it, and with the negative reception it got, I can say that I'm glad I missed it! :)

This ride deserved an article like this.

I rode Superstar Limo on DCA's second day of operation. Nobody was in the park, and there was no wait at all for it. It was indeed dumb and completely pointless, but it wasn't that much worse than some other things in the park. Steps in Time at the Hyperion was just awful, and the Maliboomer was as un-Disney as an attraction can get. At least Superstar Limo had some theming.

I was at California Adventure on opening day and many times that first year...Yeah, Superstar Limo was dumb, but it was kitschy and fun, like a lot of what most of us native Southern Californians know Hollywood REALLY is...kinda sleazy, too, that this thing made it into the opening day lineup....your disdain for the park does not match my own, though...I have always loved this park, despite the flaws and, even on opening day, it featured at least six really top notch attractions to me; California Screaming, Grizzy River Rapids, Soarin, Animation, and the two Orlando transplants (Tough to be a Bug and Muppets)...park is much improved now but was very lovable even those first years

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Lol! I couldn't even finish the 4 minute video!

Am I the only one excited for gaurdians of the galaxy mission breakout?

I dunno--I watched the video of the ride and it looked like fun. Not the kind to wait in a long line for. Maybe a 10 minute wait.

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