There is no debate anymore. If you have been going to the parks for a while and have seen the evolution of the fastpass then you would know that there is no longer an advantage to the pass. I believe it used to be limited to certain guests way back in the beginning and it was easy to move from ride to ride. Next, you could get a fastpass and then use it anytime throughout the day regardless of the time stamp. I even heard rumors that you could keep them and use them during the time stamp months into the future. Now they have taken this to the final annoying step of making you get to the ride between the time stamp and if you are even one minute early or late they will not let you go on the rides. I am currently at Disneyland now and I had some kid (20's) take my fastpasses for Space Mountain, refuse to give them back, and then say that he will write void on them if he was going to give them back. So much for customer service and the express fastpass. As anyone knows if you get a fastpass for Racers at California Adventure you will never use that privilege again during the day. Why? because you cannot possess two fast passes at the same time. You can only get a fastpass when your other one has expired.

DISNEY SUCKS and we have been here every year for the past 11-years sometimes 3 and 4 times per year. WE ARE DONE!!!!!! My children will now visit San Diego and other more cultured places in the world.

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