They spied on Peta....BIG DEAL (sarcasm). Do you know what Peta does? It sends it's activists to farms and other animal businesses, they LIE, MISLEAD the employer as to who they are and their intentions. And you know what else Peta does when it sends these people in? They make videos which are edited to make it look as if there was animal cruelty. Peta LIES ALL THE TIME. I think it was smart of Seaworld to send in spies, it would be stupid not to or to discontinue the practice. Animal rights fanatics are DANGEROUS. They love to harass people, I've been a victim, I see victims all the time of animal rights fanatics. I don't know why some media outlets are trying to make the spy thing a story, it's a non-story, but so was Seaworld on the brink of destruction. I suspect way too many "reporters" are pro-animal rights fanaticism and your stories reflect that. Shame on you. Oh probably worthy to note, according to records Peta KILLS the vast majority of animals it "rescues". Remember a few years ago 2 Peta employees were arrested, the crime? They were taking animals from shelters, vet offices, etc promising to "rescue" them and then taking them out to a van and killing them, then the dumped the bodies in dumpsters. Maybe you ought to add that to your story I think it's note worthy.

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