Last week, Disney announced that the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom would be going away, with a new event set to replace it starting July 5th: The Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party. Though this new event has plenty in common with its predecessor, there is one big change that may rattle some guests: cost. 

While the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party was definitely not a cheap add-on to a day at the Magic Kingdom (costing $25.99 per adult) the replacement Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party will cost a truly outrageous $49.99 per adult…almost double the price of the original event! So what is this additional charge going to get guests who want to experience this event? Here's a look at all the "new" things guests willing to fork over $50 per person will be able to enjoy:

1. More dessert options

If that $50 sticker price leaves you feeling a little blue, know that at least you can nibble your cares away with an all-you-care-to-eat dessert spread with brand new treats, including Tinkerbell and Olaf character cupcakes, seasonal fruit, selected cheeses and more. Check out the images below to get a preview of some of the newest desserts that will be offered as part of this event:



Man, I thought the tone of the article was a little nasty, but now after reading the comments I know it was. This pricing does seem a little high but you do have free options just as wonderful included in the park admission to watch fireworks. Annual passes are not extravagantly priced. The value comes down to how often you will use it and the comparison to how you and your family travel. How many days are you going to travel? Will you be in the pen everyday or will you take advantage of many of the wonderful "free" experiences at your resort? Is staying on property beneficial for you? If you do go with the annual pass then the rooms are often very well discounted per night. Plus you save on transportation cost. There are a great many ways to save on your disney vacation. Opting for this negative view on some really nice enhancement trip options seems like complaining for complainings sake. You can't do everything every trip but adding one extra magical experience each time doesn't seem like a bad idea. Maybe this desert party isn't right for you and your size family. That doesn't make it only for the "elite". Stop comparing yourself and your family to others. Stop worrying about what you can't have or do and enjoy what you can.

All the comments above 100% accurate. Disney has catered to those who are wealthy, from Brazil or have become DVC members. We used to do Annual Passes for Disney World every year, visit 2-3 times a month for park visits, and stay on resorts 2-3 times a year. In the recent years costs have increased excessively to pay for the Magic Band development. Disney _____ and we no longer visit because of this.

Annual Passholders are given the tiniest of special features at a huge price tag. Theses ridiculous prices for just about everything, shows how little DISNEY cares about families anymore. They cater more and more to the elite, not the family that saves and sacrifices to make their dream trip. The CEO is a major cause. Walt DISNEY, also a business man is turning in his grave.

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