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Six Flags Over Georgia has confirmed that it will add Dare Devil Dive, a new Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter rollercoaster, for the 2011 season.

Dare Devil Dive will open in time for the 2011 Memorial Day weekend (May 28-30). The ride will feature a 95-foot vertical lift hill and a "beyond vertical" first drop, with riders plummeting towards the ground at 52 miles per hour. Riders will be seated in cars with two rows of four seats, and will go on to traverse three inversions, a heartline roll, a "zero-gravity" hill and an Immelmann loop.

Saw - The Ride image

Dare Devil Dive will be similar to Thorpe Park's Saw - The Ride

Gerstlauer's popular Euro-Fighter design has appeared at parks all over the world since its 2003 launch, including Dollywood (Mystery Mine) and Thorpe Park (Saw - The Ride, pictured above). All of the installations to date have included a beyond-vertical drop, with the track angling inwards at greater than 90 degrees.

Six Flags Over Georgia has already closed off a section of the park in preparation for the installation of Dare Devil Dive, which will be the park's eleventh rollercoaster. Melinda Ashcraft, Park President of Six Flags Atlanta Properties, commented: "We're excited to welcome Dare Devil Device as our 11th roller coaster. It will be the perfect complement to an already stellar coaster lineup."

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This park needs a complete wipe all together. The layout is terrible and confusing, no easy way to get from one side of the park to another. It literally STINKS here the smell throughout the park is a mixture of old garbage and raw sewage. The coaster and ride selection is antiquated and mediocre at best. I used to live near Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and that park is a fantastic example of what a big-name amusement park should look and feel like. They really need to take down the old woody's and old jerky steel coasters and update the park with more attractive coasters and thrill rides...the shops and games outnumber the actual worth-while rides here. If you're a coaster fanatic, don't feel too bad if you miss this park, you're not missing much.

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

I dont think it completely needs to be redone, but most of it def. does! I mean i like Superman, and Batman used to be awesome but now even that ride is jerky. I agree that the Cyclone def. needs to go. I personally just sit on the rides now...no excitement comes from it. And there is no scenery what so ever, plus the water rides gross me out. its worth it if it is discount tickets, but dont spend the $50 tickets currently are...

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

Uhmmm, the wooden rides are a part of our Six Flags Over Georgia history. Those have been there since my parents were little. If you dont like it there, then dont go. Dont complain and compare. Every park is different. Get a life!

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