California's Great America, Cedar Fair

The news earlier this week that Cedar Fair has sold the land where California's Great America currently sits, meaning that the park will close within the next 11 years when the lease runs out, has shocked many theme park fans.

There is now a rumor from Screamscape that was apparently floated by a source at the beginning of the year, that the iconic Psycho Mouse which is currently at California's Great America could be coming to Cedar Point as part of their upcoming 2023 Boardwalk project. There has been a number of photos posted on Facebook by Amusement Park Portal regarding the upcoming Boardwalk Project.

Troika, Amusement Park Portal
Image: Amusement Park Portal

The one which is interesting is the Troika one which leads us to believe that a new ride may be coming to the area. This is where California's Great America's Psycho Mouse comes in.

This is the ride that has been rumored to be coming to Cedar Point and could possibly be named after one of the park's former roller coasters. Cedar Point has a whole host of roller coasters but doesn't currently have a "mouse style" one so it would seem to make sense for Cedar Fair to make this move.

Pyscho Mouse, Cedar Fair
Image: Cedar Fair

Now the Boardwalk project looks to be coming in 2023 and is set to incorporate a number of the current rides at Cedar Point such as the Windseeker and Giant Wheel. But, if Pyscho Mouse is indeed intended to be part of this development it leads us to ask the question, what does this mean for California's Great America in terms of the time it has left? Is Cedar Fair going to begin pulling rides out of the park in order to transfer them to the other properties? Is California's Great America going to end up as a shell before it is closed? Will it close in the next year or so?

There seem to be so many questions and the only confirmed answer we have is that California's Great America will unfortunately be no more by 2033 at the absolute latest, although current signs may be pointing in the direction that the closure could well happen a lot earlier than that.

California's Great America, Cedar Fair
Image: Cedar Fair

Let us know your thoughts on the possible transferring of the iconic Psycho Mouse from California's Great America to Cedar Point by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.  



The shady, secretive way that Cedar Fair conducted the sale behind the back of the City of Santa Clara has not gone unnoticed. The city has zoned this property for a theme park and after this mess they'll probably renew that after it's 50 year term is done. I don't ever want to spend another dime with Cedar Fair again after this. All of the parks that they have taken over have been homogenized and are a shell of their former selves. I curse this company.

Is it Cedar Point in Ohio you are referring to?

Yes, Cedar Point in Ohio is where Psycho Mouse from California's Great America's is supposedly destined for.

This rumor has already been disproven. The leaked image was photo shopped

It breaks my heart that they're closing this bay area gem for housing. We all know that it won't solve the housing crisis that'll just be an excuse so they can continue to line their pockets and act as a solution to means when it's transparent that it's not.

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