Disneyland Reopening

Earlier this year Disney announced that it was completely cancelling Disneyland's Annual Passholder program citing the resort's continued closure and uncertainty about reopening conditions as reasons for the cancellation of this program. However, recent comments by Bob Chapek seem to indicate that the real issue was inconsistent per guest spending among Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders.

In an effort to “get an adequate return to our shareholders for the type of experience that we do give to our guests”.Chapek said that a new  “park loyalty and affinity program” was being designed for Disneyland resort that would be a “frequent visitor program”, encouraging multiple visits from local guests. 

Image: Disney

No details were given about this new program or when it might debut, but those hoping for something similar to the former annual pass program at Disneyland unfortunately seem to be out of luck, as this program was simply not profitable enough for Disney to continue. 

New annual passes continue to be unavailable for purchase at Walt Disney World as well, but since capacity increases have been announced, we'd expect Disney to resume selling annual passes on the east coast again in the near future.  




They claim to be supporting blacks and minorities, but they make the disney experience unaffordable to blacks and minorities. Like the commenter above said, now disney is for elites who can afford to spend a $1000 plus in one visit. Annual passes helped my family be able to experience Disney, my daughter loved Disney, she still talks about it today. I have bought her a seaworld annual pass instead(try to let her forget about disney), and yes, we do drive 4 hours to get there and back at least 3 times a month, and we may save in the entrance fee, but we buy all sorts of food and toys there and participate in other ways. Moreover, seaworld was not as restrictive as Disney was when it came to masks for children, which made the whole experience way, way more enjoyable, because its mainly for them.

PH figured out how to visit Disney and NOT spend $! LOL That party was only going to last for so long. Covid was a convenient excuse.

They kept the AP for WDW but shelved the pass for the original park. That is complete BS he claims because we don't spend enough while we are there. Is he not paying attention to how much we spend. Plus Disneyland is mostly visited by California residents. We don't get many people from other countries that spend a week or 2 here that is WDW. If anything they should have kept the Signature ones we had them for 10yrs. What about the premiere one that suppose to be good in Cali & Fla does that work anymore here? So disappointed with the Bob they put in Charge in Cali he is only thinking of the shareholders. Without us fans to go to the parks there would be no parks except for the club 33 eiltes. 🤬🥺 Walt & Roy are rolling over in their Graves right now I'm sure.

Walt & Roy rolling over in their graves? that makes no sense... there were no APs in their time. Walt and Roy specifically did not want a discount park. They wanted and created a high end experience that was far different than the boardwalk experiences of the time. They wanted a place where families could enjoy together and Roy ensured they charged much higher prices than competitors to ensure profitability. I enjoyed the AP as well, it was a cheap bargain experience that was awesome, but realistically that party had to end. instead of rolling over in their graves, they are probably smiling that the experience they created, isnt given away on the cheap anymore...

Only the ironic idiots that run Disney could gouge and disrespect their customers for years, revoke their season passes and then talk of loyalty

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