One of the biggest breakthroughs in the MyMagic+ project was the invention of the MagicBand. This deceptively simple device has revolutionized not only the guest experience at Walt Disney World, but the theme park world at large as well (The Motley Fool reports that Universal parent company Comcast may be looking into developing its own MagicBand-style technology). Though these bands were originally designed with pure functionality in mind, in the years since their debut MagicBands have turned into quite the fashion statement as well, giving guests yet another way to show their Disney Side during a Walt Disney World vacation. 

While MagicBands are ostensibly an extension of MyMagic+ (which is going through its own transformation, which we reported on a few days ago), some recent changes independant of MyMagic+ have been happening with the Walt Disney World’s MagicBands devices. Whether you are a big time collector of Walt Disney World MagicBands or just a casual user, here are some exciting new developments you need to know that are happening now with these small, but revolutionary devices. 

1. Purple MagicBands finally debut as a "standard" option in My Disney Experience

Ever since the dawn of MagicBands at Walt Disney World there has been one request that guests have made time and time again: the ability to have purple as a standard "solid color" choice in My Disney Experience. Though Disney kind of addressed this guest request last year when they released a plain retail edition purple MagicBand  for guests to purchase, this much sought-after color still wasn’t available as one of the “standard” MagicBand colors available for guests who purchase passes or tickets in advance.

However, Disney surprised My Disney Experience users this past weekend by finally adding purple to the lineup of default MagicBand options. Guests who want to grab their very own purple MagicBand can now log in to My Disney Experience and select the purple MagicBand from the lineup. Even if you have already selected a color, if you are more than 30 days out from your travel date (and haven’t received your MagicBands in the mail yet) you can still change your preferred color to purple.

Image: Disney

If you’re an annual passholder and you’ve renewed without ordering a new band yet (or have opted out of receiving new MagicBands), you can log in to My Disney Experience now and order a new purple MagicBand immediately as well. While this isn't the biggest addition ever, this is one option that guests have been asking about for a long time and its nice to see Disney listening to its fans in this instance. 



I'm wondering if they will add magicband to the cruises. Makes sense to me they would and with two new ships commissioned to join the fleet it would be the perfect time to put in the technology. If successful and useful, the other ships could be retrofit for it. Especially since the older ships are getting ready for updates and undoubtedly will again I the future.

Are magic bands exclusively a Disney World item or does Disneyland use them too? Our last two trips have been to DW but we would really like to plan a trip to DL. I have heard they are quite different in most regards.

Due to high cost of designing and implementing the Magicband system, it is a Disney World exclusive.

Disneyland is smaller than the Magic Kingdom but contains more attractions.

Glad I've just seen this had already chosen my magic bands but now changed to the new purple one !!

Since my entire family goes to Disney on numerous occasions throughout the year, we have a large collection of Magic Bands. Can we return them or have them reignited for future use?

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