Waiting in lines is an expected part of the experience at Walt Disney World. Even if you are a FastPass+ wizard, chances are good that you’ll spend more minutes of your life than you care to admit queuing for various rides, shows, attractions and more while on a trip to Walt Disney World. But did you know that not all lines at the resort are mandatory? There are actually several lines that guests wait in for no real reason at all. No matter when you visit the parks, here are five lines you can (and should!) bypass.

1. Bag check 

First-time visitors who arrive at a Walt Disney World park are often surprised that the first line they encounter isn’t to get into the park, it’s for bag check. Now if you have a purse, backpack, camera you are going to have to go through this line, no excuses. However, just because one person in a party has a bag, that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to go through the line. There is always a “guests without bags” gate that is usually manned by a security guard or two that is normally adjacent to the massive bag check line, and it is perfectly acceptable to use this gate if you don’t have a bag. 

Even guests who do have bags can take advantage of the no bag area by leaving all their bags with one member of their party. Though splitting up won’t work in all circumstances, if you have someone in your party that doesn’t mind waiting, you can get the rest of your party through the front gate tapstiles and save some serious time.

2. FastPass+ reservations

When you make a FastPass+ reservation, you’ll get a return window that generally lasts between 40 minutes to an hour. There’s actually no reason to show up for your 6:50PM Soarin’ FastPass+ reservation at 6:30PM just to stand in line to be the first person to get on the attraction during the allotted time period. However, guests standing in line to be the first to redeem a FastPass+ reservation is a phenomenon that has been happening since the inception of this system. 

This is an especially baffling behavior as the core feature of FastPass+ is the ability to skip a line. Why create a line when the idea is to eliminate lines? It doesn’t make sense, clogs up the FastPass+ line, completely halts forward motion for Standby guests, and perhaps most damagingly, wastes guests' time.

However, you don’t need to be one of these queue-creating bystanders. Do yourself a favor and don’t arrive at the very beginning of your FastPass+ reservation window. The attraction isn’t going anywhere, and you’ll be able to experience it much faster if you wait until your FastPass+ window actually starts. 



Another way to help get food kinda quick is make a reservation.

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