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    Cedar Point Drastically Rolls Back Mask Policies

    Earlier today, Cedar Point became one of the first theme parks in the United States to drastically roll back mandatory mask wearing at its theme parks, updating its health and safety policies to state that masks would only be required in indoor spaces, when not actively eating and drinking. That means that all outdoor spaces, including queues, eating areas, and rides, no longer require guests to wear masks. Cedar Point has also said via social media that masks are not required on rides anymore, either indoor or outdoor, and are simply “recommended”.  

    Several other COVID-19 health and safety protocols are being discontinued at Cedar point as well, including temperature checks for guests and limited capacity on rides. You can read more about changes to Cedar Point’s health and safety guidelines at their official website here

    Reservations will still be required for guests wanting to visit the park, and are now available for the park’s reopening for the season on May 14, 2021. Guests can purchase tickets that include a reservation or make a reservation to visit if you are a Season Passholder or an existing Two-Day Ticketholder. Dates are limited and guests with inflexible travel plans are advised to make reservations as soon as possible to ensure their dates do not “sell out”. You can check availability here

    How do you feel about this rolling back of mandatory mask usage at Cedar Point? Do you think other theme parks will follow suit and roll back their own mask mandates in the near future?