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    Cedar Point Begins “Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop” Video Series To Take Us Behind The Scenes Showing All The Latest Developments

    We have been eagerly following the progress of the highly anticipated Top Thrill Dragster reimagining since it was first announced back on September 6, 2022. 

    With so much speculation surrounding Cedar Point’s plans leading up to the official announcement on August 1, it was brilliant to finally hear what we can expect from Top Thrill 2 when it opens in 2024.

    Top Thrill  2, Cedar Point
    Image: Cedar Point

    Although many fans were initially disappointed about the announcement that it would be Zamperla rather than the more expected Intamin who would be in charge of supplying the track and trains for the new roller coaster, a lot of excitement still surrounds the construction of Top Thrill 2.

    Cedar Point has made the decision to create a video construction series with the first episode having already been posted on YouTube. These updates of which we assume there will be many, will show us an up-close “behind the wall” look at all the latest developments on the Top Thrill 2 site at Cedar Point.

    As you can see from the first episode above, we get to see really close up footage of the construction site. Tony Clark, Director of Communications at Cedar Point, leads the video and in this episode it focuses on the work being done on the LSM building which will house the electrical components for the LSM stators, which are currently being connected.

    We also get to see the foundations for the high speed switch, the completed brake run, workers extending the loading platform at the station and further painting continuing on the 420ft top hat. You also get to see close up footage of the huge supports which are now being installed for the new 420ft rear spike. 

    From the latest video update posted to YouTube on September 7 from Lake Erie Lifestyles, who have been covering the construction of Top Thrill 2 from the beginning, we get to see that more switch track has arrived in the Breakers Express Storage lot which seems to suggest that this is likely to be the next track element to be installed.

    We expect to see construction ramping up on the installation of the supports for the new rear spike as midweek closures continue at Cedar Point. We will continue to bring you the latest updates on Top Thrill 2 as they develop.