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    Bumpy Start For New Genie+ Lightning Lane Modification On My Disney Experience App

    UPDATE (February 2) – There has been mixed reviews after the launch of this update with some guests reporting they used the QR code with ease and others saying that it just didn’t work leaving them frustrated. We are hoping any issues with this modification will be ironed out quickly making linking Lightning Lane and dining reservations simpler for everyone.

    The last few months Disney fans have been getting their heads around the new Genie+ system including the Lightning Lane service which launched back in October 2021 at Walt Disney World.

    There have been some glitches in the My Disney Experience app which is to be expected when such a large new system first starts. Some guests have been upset when they have been unable to book Lightning Lane reservations for the attractions they want to and sometimes certain functions can be temperamental to use.

    Genie+ Disney
    Image: Disney

    One of the main issues, however, for numerous guests has been connecting with friends and family within the My Disney Experience app to link Lightning Lane reservations but it has now been reported that there has been a major update to Genie+ where this issue is concerned.

    Disney has added a QR linking code function to the My Disney Experience App which can be used to connect easily with friends and family. After you have opened the QR linking code in My Profile, a friend can simply scan the code and link their account with yours to book Lightning Lane and dining reservations.This can be seen in the tweet embedded below.

    Disney have recently added select character meet and greets to the Lightning Lane experience list at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. For the full list of Lightning Lane attractions check out the official website.

    Princess Tiana, Disney
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    Let us know what you think about this new modification to the Genie+ service by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.