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    Bob Iger Resigns From COVID-19 Task Force Amid Disneyland Reopening Disagreement

    Former Disney CEO and current Executive Chairman Bob Iger has resigned from California Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 economic task force, amid growing tensions between the company and California’s government regarding the reopening (or lack thereof) of Disneyland Resort. Earlier this week, Disney announced that it was letting 28,000 Cast Members go as part of the largest single layoff announcement in Disney’s theme park history, and following the announcement released a statement squarely placing the blame on California’s government and the continued closure of the Disneyland Resort. 

    Iger’s resignation from the governor’s high-profile task force, which he has been a part of since April seems a tacit acknowledgement of the ongoing friction between Disney and California’s government, which seem to be boiling over as we get closer to a potential reopening for Disneyland Resort. 

    Rumors are currently swirling about a potential reopening plan being released either today or early next week, nothing has been confirmed so far. However, according to sources familiar with the situation, a draft of the proposed guidelines for theme and amusement park openings falls far short of what the industry needs, which is one of the big reasons why Disney and California are currently at odds. 

    Erin Guerrero, executive director of the California Attractions and Parks Association released a statement about the guideline draft, saying, “We ask the Governor not to finalize guidance for amusement parks before engaging the industry in a more earnest manner, listening to park operators’ expertise, and collaborating with the industry on a plan that will allow for amusement parks to reopen responsibly while still keeping the health and safety of park employees and guests a top priority”. 

    It will definitely be interesting to see where this situation goes from here, and if the original guidelines get the go ahead from the Governor, we should know more very soon!