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The Big Debate: Which Is The Worst Disney Attraction Of This Century (So Far)?

One of our most popular features this month has been, The 7 Worst Disney Attractions of the Century (So Far), so I thought it would be fun for our next Big Debate to ask which one YOU think is the worst?

Now, I totally understand that the list was created by one of our very talented writers, but is inevitably therefore one individuals opinion and therefore may contradict your own thoughts on this subject. A lot of explanation was given in the article regarding each of the chosen 7 rides to back up their place in the list. I also realise that many of you won’t have ridden some or indeed any of the rides which makes voting difficult. 

Any Disney fan is going to hopefully have some understanding or knowledge of most of the rides on the list, so use your judgement and vote for the one which you think deserves to be labelled as the worst Disney Attraction of the Century (So Far).

I can hear many of you thinking that this is a somewhat negative subject, especially at a time when we all need positivity, but don’t despair you can guess which Big Debate will be wending its way to Theme Park Tourist next month, you guessed it, Which is the BEST Disney Attraction of the Century (So Far)? so make sure you look out for that!


So, it is clear from the title of this debate that you have a list of 7 Disney attractions to choose from, these are from a range of Disney parks across the world. If you need any clarification on any of them they are all detailed in the link at the start of the debate. Here are your choices:

  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run –  Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios 
  • Incredicoaster – Disney California Adventure
  • Mission: SPACE – Epcot
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment – Epcot
  • Stitch’s Great Escape – Magic Kingdom
  • Superstar Limo – Disney’s California Adventure
  • Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic – Walt Disney Studios Park (Paris)

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In every Big Debate RESULTS article we share a selection of your comments, let us know if your worst Disney attraction isn’t on the list by leaving us a comment below or on Facebook. I will add a list of the additional attractions that have been suggested, in our RESULTS article which will be coming soon to Theme Park Tourist.

To finish with I wanted to post the results of our last Big Debate, The Big Debate – Should The Government Give Disneyland Resort The Green Light To Reopen its Gates? I usually write a RESULTS article and choose comments from both sides of the debate for you to read. However, in hindsight due to the subject, this created a lot of political comments and negativity on Facebook which certainly wasn’t intended. I have decided therefore to announce the results which were 85% of voters saying ‘Yes’ and the remaining 15% saying ‘No’. 

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