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Big Debate – Should Disney Remove Mandatory Mask Wearing Outside This Summer at Walt Disney World?

It has indeed seemed to be one of the most talked about subjects among Walt Disney World fans since the parks reopened last July after almost three months of closures due to COVID-19.

I know for some they are totally bored of reading about masks and I do understand this. The view “get on with it or don’t go” seems to come up more and more when reading comments. Some readers have criticised us for posting a lot of articles about mask wearing which is a fair comment but as they always get a huge amount of engagement I think this proves that still for many it is an important issue that they want to read about and comment on. Many fans feel it is the thing that is preventing them from currently heading back to Walt Disney World.

As I already mentioned, for some masks are not an issue and they can’t comprehend what all the fuss is about. But, for a lot of Disney fans it is the key measure in place that needs to disappear before Disney can really feel like Disney again.

We heard the welcome news back at the start of April that Disney has loosened mask restrictions allowing guests the freedom to remove masks in outdoor areas to take photos. Guests must be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing while the photo is being taken. With vaccinations increasing and COVID-19 cases declining in general across the US many are wondering when the mandatory mask mandate may be relaxed even further at Walt Disney World?

News came earlier this week from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that he will be lifting all COVID-19 related emergency orders including mask mandates in Orange County, effective July 1, 2021. Disney announced on Wednesday that they plan to remove temperature checks at Walt Disney World but plan to keep mask rules as they are at the moment and will continue to make “thoughtful adjustments to our policy”.

With the CDC continuing to recommend outdoor mask-wearing at theme parks and Cedar Point drastically rolling back mask policies allowing guests to remove their masks in outdoor areas and on rides (both indoors and outdoors) it leaves us with the burning question, Should Disney Remove Mandatory Mask Mandate Outside This Summer at Walt Disney World?

There are a number of questions for Disney, it is inevitable that they are hoping for capacity rises as demand grows. As the CDC are continuing to recommend mask-wearing outside, Disney may be concerned that if they go against this guidance it may hinder their capacity plans? With the current trend of Walt Disney World parks hitting capacity and the parks calendar filling up rapidly for June and beyond it isn’t as if Disney is struggling to encourage guests back so why would they change the mask mandate if it is working for them just fine as it is? Also, with talk that the physical distancing recommendation could decrease from 6ft to 3ft this would surely give the green light for Disney for capacity caps to rise therefore is it sensible to begin allowing guests to remove masks outside? 


So, our question to you is this, Should Disney Remove Mandatory Mask Mandate Outside This Summer at Walt Disney World?

  • Yes
  • No

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My predictions for this debate will I am sure not come as a surprise to most. I am guessing based on past Big Debates and comments from our readers that the large majority of those that will vote will say yes, yes, yes, remove the mask mandate from outside areas ready for the scorching temperatures of the summer Florida heat. Look out for the Big Debate Results article which will be coming soon to Theme Park Tourist.