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Big Debate RESULTS – YOUR Views On Walt Disney World Attendance Caps and Mandatory Mask Wearing

In our recent Big Debate we asked your thoughts on whether Disney had made the right decision to keep mandatory mask wearing and attendance capped at 25% at Walt Disney World. Several weeks ago it was announced that Florida would move to Phase 3 of reopening, meaning that theme parks can return to normal operations without mandatory regulations or attendance caps.

Due to the fact that these measures are very different and you could think yes to one and no to the other, voting would have been difficult so we split the debate in two.

This is obviously an important topic to our readers as we had a very good response with lots of votes and comments on the issue. Here are the results…

RESULTS – Has Disney Chosen Right To Keep Attendance Caps at 25%?

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Image: Jett Farrell-Vega
  • Yes, should be kept at 25% – 62%
  • No, should be raised to 50% – 17%
  • No, should be raised to 75% – 4%
  • No, should be back to full capacity – 17%

Although the majority of those that voted agree with Disney that the attendance cap of 25% should remain at the moment, 17% thought it should be raised to 50% and 17% voted that it should be back to full capacity. I guess that figure surprised me somewhat due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that social distancing would surely be impossible if attendance wasn’t capped at all. 

RESULTS – Has Disney Chosen Right To Keep Mandatory Mask Wearing?

Mask wearing, Disney
Image: Disney
  • Yes – 52%
  • No – 48%

I think the results of this poll sums up the world views on mandatory mask wearing perfectly. Right from the first mention of mandatory mask wearing many months ago, this issue has always been a contentious one with a more or less 50/50 split in opinion.

This time the majority of voters agree that Disney have made the right decision to continue to enforce mandatory mask wearing at Walt Disney World for the near future at least.

Your Comments And Thoughts

Mask wearing, Walt Disney World
Image: Disney

In most of our results articles we share a whole host of comments from our readers and always do our best to show both sides of the debate:

“They need to reinstate Park Hopping. What the heck does Covid have to do with that. And for goodness sake – let us take our masks off on rides. It’s miserable enough walking around in the heat of the day, and we ride by ourselves or with family members, so what difference does it make?!!!”

“I don’t mind the mask or attendance caps, what I do mind is them still charging the same price for tickets as before, when not everything is opened and park hours have been cut.”

“I’m happy with the current mask requirements and the 25% capacity until there is a vaccine for COVID.”

“Had a great time in July and going back next week. Masks were no big deal, especially if you find one that “works” for you in the heat. Never even visited a relaxation station, nor felt the need to. I do miss park hopping though. Ended up going back to the hotel a couple times from running out of stuff to do in HS and AK, even with multiple re-rides.”

“I personally love the attendance caps, I like less crowds and I don’t mind the masks. I thought it was going to be miserable but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

“Absolutely not going til they lift all the restrictions, and give us all the things we had before (live entertainment, free dining, fast passes, park hopping, etc., etc……”

“Keep the rules, extend the hours!!”

“Get Rid of the MASKS!!!! Keep the cap if you want, stay 6ft apart but lose the MASKS!!!!”

“Our family would love a return visit. However, masks outdoors needs to be eliminated and the value resorts (Pop Century and All Stars) need to reopen.”


Disney's Magic Kingdom castle
Image: Disney

Generally looking at the comments readers seem to agree on the attendance cap remaining at 25% and a lot of readers appear to be  tolerating mask wearing. A couple of valid points were brought up to do with why there is the need to wear masks during rides when you are sitting with your family and social distanced from others. I am guessing they are trying to eliminate the contamination of surfaces when on rides. There is still frustration that there isn’t park hopping and also that the price remains the same for what some guests refer to as “half the experience” without the parades, fireworks, character meet and greets etc.

If you haven’t already had time to have your say on this issue leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. Click on our new debate to have your say about, Which Attraction Are YOU Most Excited About In 2021?