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The Big Debate RESULTS: Which Is The Worst Disney Attraction Of This Century (So Far)?

Okay, I take on board that this is not the most positive question that there could have been for our latest Big Debate but it has been one that lots of our readers have wanted to vote on and give their opinions about. This debate came about from a popular feature from last month, unsurprisingly titled, Which Is The Worst Disney Attraction Of This Century (So Far)?

You were given the choices that our writer had included in the article to vote on. As I said in the original debate I was aware that this is subjective but Brian did give a range of very valid reasons for these choices. At the end of the article I will list, as promised, any other rides that any reader has mentioned as being their choice for the worst Disney attraction of the Century, (so far). 

We have had a really good response to this debate, which is great to see. Here are the results:

  • Stitch’s Great Escape – 40%
  • Superstar Limo – 25%
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment – 15%
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – 8%
  • Mission: SPACE – 6%
  • Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic – 5%
  • Incredicoaster – 2%
Stitch's Great Escape, Disney
Image: Disney

As you can see, Stitch’s Great Escape is a clear loser with 40% of the overall vote, followed by Superstar Limo with 25% and Journey into Imagination with Figment with 15%. 

I appreciate that for some readers they will love Stitch’s Great Escape, Superstar Limo and Journey into Imagination with Figment but as a whole they have been voted as the worst Disney attractions of the Century (so far).

Your Comments and Thoughts

Stitch's Great Escape
Image: Disney

In every Big Debate RESULTS articles we try to include a selection of your comments to show all sides of the debate:

“Finding Nemo the Musical. I would sit all day in Stitch’s Great Escape than sit through Nemo again.”

“Probably figment and the one in the Mexico pavillion. They should update the pavillion ride and probably just replace figment.”

“I know I’ll catch flack, but I don’t like Tower of Terror. When Disneyland changed it to Guardians if the Galaxy Breakout, it was much better.”

“Sorry, but where is everything in Pandora? That entire land is rubbish and the worst thing Disney has produced in years.”

“I thought Smugglers Run was generally considered a good ride, no?”                                                                                            “Yes, but Rise of the Resistance blows it out of the water.”

“Smugglers Run is a way better ride than Mission: Space!”

“It will forever and always be Superstar Limo.”

“It ain’t gonna win but it’s mission space or the hurl-a-trim as I call it.”

“Anything with Figment in it.”

“Enchanted Tails with Bell. Though the mirror effect at the beginning is pretty cool……… other than that, that low budget failure will hit infamy one day.”

We always expect differing points of view and this seems to be the case regarding Smugglers Run with some readers enjoying it whilst others comment that it just doesn’t stand up in comparison to The Rise of the Resistance. The World of Pandora came up, with one reader expressing their disappointment with the land as a whole not being Disney enough. This view doesn’t seem to be shared with many others.

I promised I would include a list of the other rides that readers thought are/were the worst Disney attractions of the Century (so far) so here they are, please note a couple of these seem like unlikely nominees but everyone has their own opinion:

  • Finding Nemo the Musical – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Primeval Whirl – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Disney’s Frozen Ever After Ride – Epcot
  • Na’vi River Journey – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Avatar Flight of Passage – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle – Disney’s Magic Kingdom

For those readers that were unhappy with the negative nature of this debate, don’t worry, positivity is on the way, look out for Which Is The BEST Disney Attraction Of This Century (So Far)? Coming soon to Theme Park Tourist.