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    Big Debate RESULTS – Return of Park Hopping Isn’t Enough At Walt Disney World

    With the cancelling of fireworks, parades, FastPass+ and meet and greets as well as the contentious issue of all guests aged 2 and over having to wear face coverings, many fans have reported on social media that Walt Disney World has lost it’s magic. On the flip side, some guests have relished the quieter atmosphere in the parks with often a lot shorter wait times for attractions, due to limited capacity.

    Magic Kingdom, Castle
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    Another one of the options, pre-COVID-19 which was enjoyed by many at Walt Disney World, was the ability to purchase a Park Hopping ticket giving you the opportunity to visit more than one park in a day. This option has been unavailable since Walt Disney World reopened in July.

    With the recent official announcement from Disney that Park Hopping will return from January 1, 2021 we asked in our latest Big Debate, Is The Return of Park Hopping Enough To Get You Back To Walt Disney World? The results are in:

    • No – 67%
    • Yes – 33%

    For 33% of people it seems like the park hopping option was the all important element that was missing in 2020. However, 67% still say this is not enough. Here are a selection of comments from this debate:

    “It’s a step in the right direction, but the dining plan and night time shows being reintroduced will be the difference maker for my family and I. We love Disney but paying the same price for 1/2 the experience isn’t worth it for us. We’ll be back one day though.”

    “I went with out it. Usually a single day park person anyway.”

    “Not until FastPasses and shows come back. I am older now and can’t stay on my feet as long. I need the shows to rest and the FP to at least be able to see a few favorites without waiting standing up for more than 30 minutes.”

    “Fast passes or it’s not worth it to me”

    “No, it’s a Covid world!”

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    For some guests who prefer single parks each day, this inevitably won’t make any difference at all but for others, key factors such as FastPass+,mandatory mask wearing, parades and shows appear to be the more important elements that will need to be re-introduced in order to entice guests back to Walt Disney World in 2021.

    With an effective COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, these key elements that make Disney, Disney will hopefully be reinstated during 2021 which should see a return of the true magic for all.