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The Big Debate RESULTS – Do YOU Think Splash Mountain Should Be Rethemed?

Disney made a somewhat surprise official announcement a couple of weeks ago which outlined that the classic attraction, Splash Mountain is to be completely rethemed to the Princess and the Frog, at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This has inevitably sparked a mass of opinion from Disney fans.

A variety of mixed feelings have been shown on social media, with some people outraged that Disney could even consider changing the iconic attraction, with others excited and in agreeance that a complete rehaul is necessary after over 30 years (at Disneyland) and some understanding the decision but disapproving of the proposed Tiana and the Princess and the Frog theme.

At a time when due to COVID-19 projects are being delayed, slimmed down and cancelled, this seemed like a surprising time for the news to be announced. Disney has made it clear that this project has been in the pipe line for over a year and we expect it to be worked on behind the scenes until budgets are in place to close the infamous Splash Mountain in preparation for the construction work to begin.

Since Walt Disney World reopened its gates last week, people have flocked to Splash Mountain to make sure they take the opportunity to get a last ride on this renown favorite. For those fans worrying that they might miss out unless they get back to the parks as soon as possible our recent article, 3 Important Things You Need To Know About the Status of Splash Mountain at Disney Parks, sums up everything that you need to know right now, and don’t worry you should still have time for that last ride. 

Splash Mountain, Theme Park Tourist
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It looks like it will probably be at least a year before Splash Mountain closes in its current form and although there has been a rush at the Splash Mountain shop to buy up merchandise, it seems likely that Disney will not miss out on the opportunity to continue to sell the current merchandise if there is the market for it.

So, there you have it, Splash Mountain is definitely set for a complete retheme in the near future, a surprise for many, an upset for many and an excitement for others. What do Theme Park Tourist readers think of this news? Let’s find out…

RESULTS – Do YOU Think Splash Mountain Should Be Rethemed?

Splash Moutain retheme, Disney
Image: Disney

Well, we have had a massive response on this one and here are the results:

  • Yes – 16%
  • No – 81%
  • Yes but to a different theme than Tiana, The Princess and The Frog – 3%

With any voluntary poll, you always expect that there may be a bias in that those that care deeply about the subject will vote and inevitably in this case it would be those fans that love the iconic ride as it currently is.

However, 81% is a large percentage. There are obviously a lot of fans that just love Splash Mountain and can’t imagine it in any other form. It is positive to see that 16% are happy about the retheming and 3% acknowledge that things need to change but are not keen on the Tiana and The Princess and the Frog proposal.

Your Comments and Thoughts

Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World
Image: Disney

We always love to hear your comments and views on our polls so I thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few to share with you in these results articles, I will always aim to get the best balance I can to show both sides of the debate. Splash Mountain is definitely a very important attraction for numerous Disney Fans as there have been hundreds of comments regarding this debate: 

“Never saw the movie it was based on so I was always amazed that it stuck for so long. I was also surprised that with the controversy of the movie that this wasn’t done a long time ago. I don’t really care what the reasons are as long as it’s done well. I’m sure the new ride will be great too. The parks are always changing so this is nothing new.”

“Keep it the way it is. I’m a former cast member and have been in this business for 30 years. The film hasn’t been released in any format for a few decades. I saw it in the early 70’s as a small child.”

“Rethemeing is fine if they feel they should. Just not Princess and The Frog. Not a great Disney movie and, even worse, how does Louisiana bayous have anything to do with a frontierland??”

“I love, love, love this ride, but as time has passed and I learned more about the history, I realized that the theme was problematic. I will miss all the woodland creatures, and the song, but to my mind it is the right thing to do. When we know better, we do better.”

“I’m excited to see New Orleans represented in WDW parks. Love the movie.”

“How can you get mad at them changing a ride when the ride’s original creator is coming out of retirement to help with the project. I will take any ride that is Tony Baxter approved.”

“It’s should have went to emperor new grove theme. Just imagine the last drop where uzma says pull the lever kronk. As you crest the hill she shouts wrong lever that we be awesome at Disney if they actually change it after so many others got cancelled. We shall wait and see!”

“Still disgusted about the choice and still hoping they change there mind!!!”

“I absolutely love Splash mountain, and I was not happy hearing about the change, I still believe Princess Tiana deserves her own ride , but it’s happening. I know Disney will do it justice, as long as none of the drops are taken out. I still think Pocahontas would have been a better theme pick.”

Tiana meet and greet, Disney
Image: Disney

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Comments and Thoughts Continued…

Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World
Image: Theme Park Tourist

“No, it’s from Disney story and to take away another ride for several months to get refurbished is unneeded. I support Disney if they build a whole new ride for the Princess and frog. Makes more sense.”

“I think it sucks, love the ride, even though it’s based on controversy, there is no reference to anything bad in the ride, just a bear and a fox trying to catch a rabbit and a lot of critters, no people, just leave stuff alone.”

“I am excited for this change. I’m sure the retheme will be gorgeous. I love Princess and the Frog and Tiana deserves a ride in her honor.”

“No. It’s a classic ride with a great song at the end”

“Yes. The rebranded Norway as Frozen. And I’d love to see Tiana get her own ride.”

“I hate when they change even a sidewalk, let alone an entire ride.”

“Put the why’s aside and maybe do a collaboration of themes with all that real estate inside the ride . Pull together a string of segments from An assortment of movies …”

“I would love if Disney moved the entire New Orleans Square to where the new ride will be, because I just don’t see it on its own in Frontierland.”

“Remake the movie with a new storyline and keep the songs that everyone loves. Win-win for all.”

“No….. But if they must Disney World needs to be something that ACTUALLY FITS INTO FRONTIERLAND! LIKE WOODY JESSIE AND BULLSEYE & PROCTOR PETE”

“Disney’s track record of redoing classic rides is hardly anything to get excited about.
A new groundbreaking attraction for its groundbreaking princess would have been more appropriate.”

“I am saddened over it. It was my favorite ride and I love Brer rabbit, fox and bear. So now we will no longer see these three characters anymore as they are considered to be banned from the park?”

“Things take on different meanings as society evolves and devolves. What does this ride mean to most people? That everybody has a laughing place. A laughing place to go-o-o. Take a frown turn it upsidedown and you’ll find yours we know-o-o.”

“This was not shocking at all. This has been a discussion for over 10 years.”

“I just hope they keep zip-a-Dee-doo-dah in the ride in some capacity.”

Summary of Debate

Splash Moutain Disney
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Needless to say, this has definitely been a controversial debate with many valid points, here is a summary of your views:

  • It has been considered controversial due to racial connotations of the Song from the South which it is based on. Because of this, many are completely for the retheme whereas others think the story of Splash Mountain doesn’t directly show these so should be left alone.
  • There are worries from some readers that The Princess and the Frog theme doesn’t fit into Frontierland at Walt Disney World, but others question whether even the current theme fitted into Frontierland either.
  • The Emperors New Groove, Pocahontas and Moana have been suggested as more fitting possible themes.
  • Simply annoyance and frustration from some Disney fans that another ride will be shut for many months due to the construction work on the retheme.
  • On a positive note there is the acknowledgement that younger Disney fans will be able to connect better with the ride more with a more modern theme.
  • Sadness of the loss of the classic songs from the movie especially “Zip-a-dee-do-dah” in the current Splash Mountain but understanding the need to modernise the ride.
  • Concerns from some about Disney’s track record of the re-theming of rides. Many people call for a completely new ride for Tiana to be based on.

I just wanted to say that I personally love all theme parks, that’s why my husband and I started Theme Park Tourist over 10 years ago. If you feel there is any bias in any of my articles I can only apologize, as this is definitely never intended.

Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World
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