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    The Best Rides and Attractions at Paultons Park


    Paultons Park features dozens of rides aimed at a variety of age groups. Our reviews are designed to help you decide which ones to prioritise, but if you only have a short period to explore the park then make sure to experience the attractions below. 

    Traditionally, Paultons Park has not been divided into multiple themed lands as with many other theme parks. Peppa Pig World became the first exception to that rule in 2011, and there are now signs that the park is moving towards increased theming on all new attractions.

    Most of the thrill rides (including Edge, Cobra and Magma) are located in the west of the park (on the left as you head in), with Peppa Pig World being located in the east. The central portion of the park houses a variety of smaller attractions, along with the bird sanctuary and Water Kingdom.

    Adults, teenagers and older kids:


    Despite its family focus, Paultons Park’s line-up includes an increasing number of rides that will appeal to hardened thrill-seekers.

    1. Cobra – Paultons Park’s largest ride doesn’t attempt to compete with the most intense and thrilling roller coasters out there, but it still packs a punch. After a series of twists, turns and dips, you’ll think the ride is nearly over, but a surprise series of bunny hops provide a giggle-inducing ending.
    1. EDGEwhile it’s no longer the UK’s only Disk’O Coaster (having been joined by KOBRA at Chessington World of Adventures), EDGE is still a relative rarity. Those with motion sickness will want to avoid it, but everyone else will love the combination of a spinning flat ride with a traditional coaster.
    1. Magma – the park’s new addition for 2012 is based around a mock volcano, demonstrating its continued move towards heavily-themed attractions. The core experience will be familiar to many theme park fans, though: expect to be blasted more than 80 feet into the air, before free-falling back to the ground below.
    1. Raging River Ridewhile it dates from a period in which Paultons Park insisted that its natural scenery was all the theming it needed, Raging River Ride still offers a great way to cool down on a hot day. You’ll get soaked as the log flume splashes down at 37 miles per hour.
    1. Wave Runner – it’s hardly technologically ground-breaking, but racing your family down one of this water coaster’s slides on a rubber dinghy will appeal to the competitor in every guest. 

    Families with young kids:

    Peppa's Big Balloon Ride

    There are many, many attractions aimed at kids in Paultons Park’s line-up – here are some of the very best:

    1. Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride – the headline attraction in Peppa Pig World is also its best. Kids and adults alike will love the views it offers over the land and beyond, and the option to spin the basket is an added bonus.
    1. Windy Castle – the only Flying Wheels attraction in the UK is a bizarre (yet brilliant) combination of a ferris wheel and a tower ride. Just about every part of the ride rotates in some way, and kids will love the waving Mummy and Daddy Pig at its summit.
    1. Water Kingdom – tired of traipsing around the park on a hot day? Take a break at this sprawling water splash park, which features a range of jets, tipping buckets, fountains and water guns.
    1. Rio Grande Train – it may be one of Paultons Park’s oldest rides, but few children will care once they board this miniature railway. Train-spotting parents will also find plenty to enjoy during its lengthy circuit.
    1. George’s Spaceship Play Zone – whether it’s hot or rainy outside, Peppa Pig World’s indoor play area is a great place to escape the elements. Parents can put their feet up while older kids rampage around a rope maze and slides, or watch younger children enjoy the Musical Instruments area.

    What are your favourites?

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