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    Avengers Campus’ New Multiverse Themed E-Ticket Attraction Will Feature King Thanos

    UPDATE September 11 – D23 Expo’s Parks, Experiences and Products panel brings a few more details on the upcoming multiverse expansion coming to Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure. 

    Marvel president, Kevin Feige took to the stage to offer more context to the announcement that came on Friday, whereby Bob Chapek confirmed that Avengers Campus would enter the multiverse with a whole new attraction. The ride will revisit the popular Marvel villain from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Thanos, as Feige revealed that this new attraction will take place within a universe where Thanos won. 

    The attraction will, therefore, introduce King Thanos, a multiverse variant of this Endgame character, in an attraction that will recruit guests to join the Avengers as they take on this terrifying new villain. Few other details were shared, although some stunning concept art was released that gives a fantastic glimpse at what riders can expect, which you can check out below. 

    Although a name or expected opening window has yet to be revealed, these new details essentially confirm that this will be the replacement E-ticket attraction for Avengers Campus, as it certainly seems as though, with a storyline as involved as this, the new multiverse addition will likely be the main attraction for the popular superhero-themed area.

    Avengers Campus Multiverse Attraction Concept Art
    Image: Disney

    September 9, 2022 – Bob Chapek confirms that a multiverse expansion is on its way to Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure. Avengers Campus officially debuted last summer, inviting guests into the Marvel Universe with its unique attractions, innovative experiences and exciting character meets. 

    While onstage at D23 Expo, Chapek confirmed that Avengers Campus is officially expanding, before revealing that more details are set to be confirmed at this Sunday’s upcoming parks panel. Chapek confirmed that this expansion will see Avengers Campus lean into the multiverse storyline that has become a focal point of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of late, which opens the door to any number of new adventures. Alongside this announcement, concept art for the new expansion was also shared which you can check out below. 

    Marvel Avengers Campus Multiverse Expansion Concept Art
    Image: Disney 

    Of the few details that were confirmed, perhaps the most exciting part is that the expansion will see a new attraction introduced to Avengers Campus that will allow guests to “battle alongside superheroes and villains from anywhere” as it was also revealed that there will be some familiar faces joining this expansion. Check out the exciting announcement below. 

    Since its opening, Avengers Campus has become an incredibly popular area of the park, playing host to a variety of unique Marvel themed attractions and experiences that immerse guests in the world of Marvel’s beloved superheroes. 

    For a while now, parks fans have anticipated the opening of a confirmed E-ticket attraction at Avengers Campus which was set to be a Quinjet themed ride. However, earlier this year Chapek confirmed that this attraction had been put on hold, sparking concern for many fans over the likelihood of a new attraction being built at Avengers Campus at all. Therefore, this news is likely to delight many, though it is not yet known whether this new multiverse attraction will be the confirmed Quinjet ride or something new entirely.

    While details surrounding this new expansion will remain sparse for the time being, this exciting preview of one of Sunday’s key announcements is certainly a fantastic way to kick off this year’s event, as guests now eagerly await more details on this marvellous development at Avengers Campus.