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Another Iconic Sign Is Being Removed At Walt Disney World

We only reported last week that the classic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard which greeted guests as they travel down World Drive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been removed permanently. This week there has been news that another iconic sign is being taken down.

The Welcome to Walt Disney World signage including Mickey and Minnie at Hotel Plaza Blvd and SR 535 is being removed. Bioreconstruct has posted a panoramic photo on twitter.

It looks like the decision to remove this welcome sign is due to upcoming construction work which includes an overpass. From online reports, Mickey has already gone and Minnie is being taken away imminently. 

Like in the case of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard, this removal is bound to cause disappointment for Disney fans as it can’t fail to bring smiles to guests faces as they travel past it.

Walt Disney World Sign, Bioreconstruct
Image: @Bioreconstruct

We are hoping this is the end to news of iconic signage being removed from Walt Disney World for the time being. Will you miss this sign? Are you sad to see Mickey and Minnie go? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.