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    8 Pixar-Themed Attractions We’d Love to See Come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    The Incredibles

    Pixar Place, one of the lands in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, currently has only one attraction – Toy Story Midway Mania – but that may be about to change. The entire park is getting a major overhaul, with the removal of the controversial Sorcerer’s Hat in the center and a name change on the way, and the small area between the animation courtyard and Mickey Avenue could soon be getting a major expansion.

    There are plenty of rides from Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure and Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios Park and Hong Kong Disneyland that would be a welcome addition in Florida, but there are many other Pixar movies – which don’t already have a huge presence at Walt Disney World — that could also serve as the inspiration for some memorable rides and attractions. Here are 8 attractions that we would like to see in Pixar Place:

    1. The Incredibles hovercraft racers

    The Incredibles

    Who wouldn’t want to race their friends on hovercrafts? These Segway-like vehicles transport Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone in the Pixar Play Parade at Disney’s California Adventure, and they could also be used in a ride similar to Disneyland’s Autopia or Tokyo DisneySea’s Aquatopia. The ride could even feature the same trackless technology that’s used in Aquatopia.

    2.  Monsters Inc. Door Coaster

    Monsters Inc.

    A roller coaster based on the door sequence from Monsters Inc. was originally planned as part of a Monstropolis mini-land at Disney’s California Adventure. But the company chose to focus on other ideas instead, and the entire Monstropolis concept was dropped. However, Pixar Place would be a great place for this coaster, where riders could race through the Monsters Inc. factory.

    3.  Archery Practice with Princess Merida


    The Brave star could lend herself to a host of attractions at Pixar Place – her adventures in 10th century Scotland could be featured in a dark ride, for example – but guests could have more fun participating in a more interactive ride along the lines of the hugely popular Toy Story Midway Mania. Riders could try to beat each other’s scores on a ride where they – and the targets – would be constantly moving.

    4. Inside Out roller coaster of emotions

    Inside Out

    Pixar’s latest movie hasn’t even been released yet, but Inside Out already looks like a perfect source for ride inspiration. Guests could follow the many emotions of the main character, Riley – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – on a spiraling coaster that, hopefully, ends up happy.

    5. Up balloon voyage


    One of Pixar Place’s rides could give guests the opportunity to grab a balloon bouquet and go up, up and away! The Skyway ride that was formerly at Disneyland, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland could come to Hollywood Studios, with the gondolas resembling small houses with big bunches of colorful balloons overhead.

    6.  Adventures with WALL-E


    WALL-E’s voyages through space and an abandoned Earth far into the future would be perfect for a dark ride. The ride’s slow-moving vehicles could follow the lovable robot as he meets EVE and helps to restore the planet.

    7. Presto magic shop


    Homages to Pixar’s short films could also be included in Pixar Place, and this magic shop based on the short film that played before WALL-E could fill the void that was left when the House of Magic closed in the Magic Kingdom. Just like the Magic Kingdom store, this shop could sell slight-of-hand tricks and, of course, plush versions of magician Presto DiGiotagione’s rabbit Alec Azam. And the short film/shop tie-ins don’t have to stop there. Imagine the possibilities for Tin Toy, Knick Knack and The Blue Umbrella.

    8. Pizza Planet food truck

    Pizza Planet Truck

    Avid Pixar fans know that this 1978 pickup truck, which was used to make deliveries in Toy Story, has since been seen in every single Pixar movie to date, with the exception of The Incredibles. And while Toy Story Pizza Planet is already a restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this vehicle could tie into the food-truck craze by offering a more mobile place for guests to purchase lunch and dinner. It could even offer more than just the cheese-and-pepperoni standards of the restaurant and let guests sample a variety of interesting toppings by the slice. And the food truck could even feature the bumper sticker that’s on the vehicle in the Pixar movies, which reads: “How’s my driving? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

    As you can see, the possibilities abound for Pixar Place. And in addition to these ideas, imagineers can get inspiration from rides at Disney parks all over the world, including the Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin from Toy Story Playland, and Ratatouille: The Adventure dark ride and Crush’s Coaster at Disneyland Paris. Do you have any other ideas for Pixar Place attractions that you’d love to see at Walt Disney World? Let us know below!