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8 Incredible Disney Hotel Rooms Everyone Should Stay in at Least Once

Adventureland Suite

When you hear the word “Disney,” you probably think about movies or theme parks: but you might want to add “great hotels” to your mental association list. Disney’s hotels are more than just a place to sleep after a day in the Orlando sun — they’re an expansion of the theme park experience. Staying at a Disney hotel will cost more than staying at a non-Disney hotel, but the advantage is that you never have to leave the Disney bubble for the duration of your vacation.

Like the parks themselves, Disney’s hotels are all about theming and attention to detail: if you think of each hotel like its own “land,” you’d be on the right track. While each hotel has a theme that goes from the hotel exterior to the tiniest details of individual rooms, some hotels go above and beyond with special rooms that have more elaborate theming than the norm — and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

You’ll no doubt notice that Disneyland’s Dream Suite and Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle Suite aren’t on this list — they’re some of the most themed rooms on Disney property. Although these rooms are spectacularly themed, they’re not rooms you can call up and book. All of the rooms below are rooms you can stay in… though, admittedly, you might want to win the lottery first.

8. Adventureland Suite, Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Resort

Adventureland SuiteAdventureland Suite© Disney

The Disneyland Hotel is the oldest of the Disney hotels, opened in October 1955 (though not originally Disney-owned), not long after Disneyland itself. However, it’s been remodeled more than once over the years and doesn’t show its age in the least. The most recent remodel added a selection of highly themed Signature Suites. Disney doesn’t actually list pricing for these suites — you have to call to book — but since they do list pricing for the $1000 a night 3-bedroom suite, which can only leave us to assume that Signature Suites cost more. Possibly a lot more.

But you certainly get what you pay for in the Adventureland Suite, which sleeps up to 6 adults in the most luxurious safari camp you’re ever likely to visit — and even has its own Adventureland-inspired soundtrack! The only downside is the view of Downtown Disney outside your window, which does rather break the illusion that you’re braving the jungles. (If you want to maintain that illusion, it’s Animal Kingdom Lodge you’re looking for — but more on that later.)

7. Fairy Tale Suite, Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Resort

Fairy Tale SuiteFairy Tale Suite© Disney

The Adventureland Suite isn’t the only highly themed suite at the Disneyland Hotel — there’s also the Fairy Tale Suite, lavish enough to satisfy any Disney princess (or prince). Though this is smallest of the hotel’s themed suites, featuring only a single bedroom, this suite still doesn’t skimp on luxury. The styling here is, of course, fairy tale: with a four poster canopy bed, a special greeting from Tinkerbell when you enter, a mosaic of Sleeping Beauty Castle over the jacuzzi tub, and a fantastic view of the Disneyland fireworks.

What more could you ask for?

6. Royal Guest Room, Port Orleans Riverside, Walt Disney World

Royal Guest RoomRoyal Guest Room© Disney

If you’re looking for rooms with a more reasonable pricetag, however, you might want to check out the Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans at Walt Disney World. These rooms are less extravagantly themed than the Disneyland Hotel’s Signature Suites, but with prices starting around $200 a night (depending on the season), they’re a lot more affordable. These rooms are fairly standard hotel rooms that sleep up to 4 adults with two queen beds, but have extra theming to make your stay a bit more special.

You’re greeted with a letter from The Princess and the Frog’s Princess Tiana when you arrive and the room is decked out with subtle references to many of Disney’s fairy tales, from Aladdin’s lamp making up the sink faucet to artwork of Disney characters enjoying a trip to New Orleans adorning the walls.

5. Pirate Rooms, Caribbean Beach Resort, Walt Disney World

Pirate RoomPirate Room© Disney

If princess theming isn’t what you’re looking for in accommodations, perhaps the Caribbean Beach Resort’s Pirate Rooms will strike your fancy. Similar to the Royal Guest Rooms, these are fairly standard hotel rooms — just with lots of Pirates of the Caribbean touches. The bed frames in the rooms resemble pirate ships and the bedspreads display piles of gold coins and jewels. Trust us, it’s less garish — and more fun — than it might sound.

Pirates don’t lead the most luxurious life, however, so you’ll find your bedside tables and dresser have been styled to look like barrels and crates — but just remember, it’s all part of the themed experience!

4. Family Suite, Art of Animation Resort, Walt Disney World

Finding Nemo SuiteFinding Nemo Suite© Disney

Though the Art of Animation Resort falls under the “value” category for Disney hotels, it has some truly great theming, with rooms that look like they’ve popped right out of an animated page. The hotel’s family suites — which sleep up to 6 and have a kitchenette, living, and dining area — stand out especially with elaborate theming throughout.

A personal favorite is the aquatic Finding Nemo suite which is sure to keep you happily swimming along through your entire vacation.

3. Kilimanjaro Club Level Room, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom LodgeAnimal Kingdom Lodge© Disney

Though all of the rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge feature similar — and spectacular — African theming, the Kilimanjaro Club Level rooms (the Lodge’s version of a Concierge Level) are something extra special. With balconies and savannah views, you don’t even have to leave your room to take in the wildlife of Animal Kingdom. And as an extra perk, you have access to Sunrise Safari tours only available to Kilimanjaro Club guests — and these early morning tours are a great way to spot animals without the hassle of park crowds. And if you’re not an early bird, you’ll also have the option to embark on a Night Safari, open to all Animal Kingdom Lodge guests.

And if that’s not enough, Kilimanjaro Club rooms also have access to the club lounge where you can get Jungle Juice (and other goodies) all day long. Yum!

2. Donald Duck Room, Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland

Ambassador HotelAmbassador Hotel© Disney

Tokyo Disneyland’s Ambassador Hotel has an art deco theme that feels like it’s stepped straight out of 1930’s Hollywood. It’s a look that isn’t quite replicated by any other Disney property, which makes it a great choice if you’re taking the plunge to head out to Tokyo Disneyland.

Still, what really sells us on this hotel are the character themed rooms which keep the hotel’s art deco style but add character specific touches throughout. There are rooms for Donald, Mickey, and Minnie, but the Donald rooms — with their bow tie pillows and duck foot-shaped headboards — are definitely our favorite.

1. Balcony Room, MiraCosta Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland

MiraCosta HotelMiraCosta Hotel© Disney

If you’re looking to upgrade from the Ambassador, try the MiraCosta. These rooms are very nice, though admittedly not the most exotically themed rooms on this list — in fact, they’re probably the most conventionally themed. However, the hotel as a whole makes up for it. Located on Tokyo DisneySea property, the MiraCosta blends seamlessly into the park with one side designed to mimic Tuscany, one side designed to mimic Venice, and one side designed to mimic a Mediterranean seaside town. Though each part of the hotel is gorgeously themed, the seaside Porto Paradiso rooms offer the best views of Tokyo DisneySea, looking out directly onto the park’s Mediterranean Harbor.

The standout choice here is definitely the balcony rooms on the Porto Paradiso side, which offer clear view of the harbor and, usually, Mount Prometheus beyond. It’s a great place to catch both daytime and nighttime entertainment… all without leaving your hotel room.