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    8 Iconic Souvenirs Every Disney Guest Should Check Out

    Disney offers souvenirs in all shapes and sizes, from the wholly predictable to the truly unique.

    Though the finds on this list aren’t out of the ordinary, they are some of the most iconic options available, and definitely worth a look if you want to take home a classic keepsake from your vacation.

    1. Mickey Ears

    Classic Mickey ears offer a great way to remember your Disney vacation, whether you actually wear them or just display them on a shelf. While you can always go for the timeless black option, Mickey ears today come in all colors and styles, mimicking your favorite characters, featuring beloved icons, or even offering a bright interactive element. “Glow with the Show” light up Mickey ears actually flash along with Disney fireworks shows. To give your Mickey ears an original touch, you can even get them embroidered with your name, the year, or another special message.

    2. Christmas Ornaments

    This is a broad category, but a popular year-round item non-the-less. Specialty Christmas shops around the parks will give you a full array of ornament options, featuring just about every aspect of the Disney franchise that you could want. Even ordinary gift shops will often offer a few choice ornaments that fit with their themes. Many Christmas ornaments belong to exclusive collections, so your treasured piece may become a rare find. As with Mickey ears, this is an easily personalized souvenir. Many ornaments have blank spaces large enough for personalization, available in most Christmas shops.

    3. Trading Pins and Lanyards


    Even if you’re not going to become an avid pin trader, there’s something fun about pin trading that just begs for a brief try. Grab a starter set and you can swap out every one of the relatively cheap pins for your own favorite finds from Cast Member lanyards during your stay. Pins and lanyards are also a great take-home souvenir because they’re easy to display as a charming memento of your special vacation.

    4. Mickey Plush Toys

    Though it can take years for the real value of a Mickey plush to become apparent, this is an iconic choice that you’ll want to hold on to. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a Mickey plush from previous vacations, you’ll see what I mean. Mickey is constantly evolving and the standard plush of ten years ago looks nothing like the standard Mickey today. Grab new versions every chance you get and you can build a fascinating collection that displays the evolving face of Disney over your lifetime.

    5. Duffy

    Duffy the Disney bear is so popular today that he’s come to life in the form of a costumed character. Duffy is an adorable option all on his own, but the real fun comes in choosing some costumes for him. You can dress Duffy up like any number of other Disney characters to take him on untold imaginative adventures.

    6. Antennae Toppers

    Small and cheap, antennae toppers are a great choice when you just want a little something extra to take home. They’re wildly popular around Orlando, but once you get home, you may find that your character antennae is a great way to distinguish your car in a packed parking lot. If nothing else, it’s a sure way to show off your Disney side everywhere you go.

    7. PhotoPass Pictures

    PhotoPass photographers are strategically placed at the most picturesque spots throughout the parks. You can collect as many photos as you want on your PhotoPass card for later viewing and purchase. If you want to get your whole party in the photo without squeezing in for an awkward selfie or asking a stranger for help, PhotoPass photographers are one of your best options (Cast Members are a good choice too, and they’ve done it so many times you probably won’t have to explain how to take the picture.)

    You can ask a PhotoPass photographer to take a picture with your own camera, so you get the shot for free, but there’s a certain magic that these professionals can only work with their own camera. You may find that your favorite characters have popped in to your pictures when you check out the finished shots. Though they’re pricey, a great PhotoPass shot is often worth investing in.

    8. Autograph Books

    Autograph books are a great buy, but make sure you get yours on the first day of your stay and not the last. If you’re planning to hit up character meet and greets, you’re sure to want this accessory along. Collecting autographs is something you can do almost for free, and it’s a fun activity that guests of all ages can participate in. If you already have an autograph book from a previous vacation, don’t forget to bring it along on your next visit, too!

    Though it’s unlikely that you’ll find you’re lacking for souvenir ideas when you’re at Disney, these classic options can help you narrow down the field to tried and true picks for yourself or your friends back home.