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    7 Lesser-Known Disney Photos Every Guest Should Take

    Tom Sawyer Island

    Great photos are one of the best souvenirs that you can take from your Walt Disney World vacation. It doesn’t cost a thing to keep your camera on hand and capture your memories in vivid, colorful shots. You can share your pics on social media, hang them in themed frames around your home, or keep them as a magical background on your desktop or smartphone.

    It’s easy to find the obvious pictures at Walt Disney World. There is no shortage of smiling shots of families gathered in front of the icons or hugging classic characters. If you want to capture something a little different, try looking for these photo opportunities instead.

    On Tom Sawyer Island

    Tom Sawyer Island

    Image: Rain0975, Flickr (license)

    Tom Sawyer Island doesn’t feature any major rides or attractions, and it takes a short raft ride to get to it, so many visitors skip over this part of Magic Kingdom. If you do take the time to head over, however, you’ll find a delightful destination that’s ripe for photos of everyone in the family.

    • Pose in front of Harper’s Mill for a family photo that’s wonderfully rustic.
    • Take your sweetheart over for a smooch beside the Tom & Becky graffiti on the painted fence.
    • Get a pic of the kids on the rope bridge. Shoot head-on at their eye-level for a fun shot walking down the bridge, or pose them mid-way for a photo with Big Thunder Mountain in the background.

    In Gaston’s Tavern

    Gaston's Chair

    Image: danuv, Flickr (license)

    Gaston’s Tavern at Magic Kingdom Park is a wonderfully themed dining location. Though it’s small with few tables, this is a great place to grab the icy LeFou’s Brew and get a few good pictures. The replica of Gaston’s chair from the animated classic is not to be missed. Make sure you head in to appreciate the scenery.

    • Take a dramatic swig from your souvenir mug in the rustic surroundings.
    • Recline in Gaston’s iconic chair and show off your muscles.
    • Pose outside in front of the fountain of Gaston and LeFou.

    In the Tree of Life Garden

    Tree of Life

    Image: Matthew Juzenas, Flickr (license)

    The Tree of Life Garden was closed for several years for refurbishments, but reopened in 2016 so guests can once again get great views of the detailed sculptures that form Animal Kingdom’s centerpiece tree. Most visitors get their Tree of Life photo from the street with the tree far in the background. Heading in for a closer shot will give you a more distinctive picture that’s truly something different.

    • Give your favorite giant carving a hug.
    • Pose carefully in front of a distant carving so you’re petting the animals or offering a silly smooch.
    • Take a photo of your kids marveling at the animals, as they point or gaze in awe.

    With the prayer flags in Asia

    Prayer Flags

    Image: Matthew Juzenas, Flickr (license)

    Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is liberally draped in Tibetan prayer flags. These are a stunning photo-worthy sight that will give you rich photos that look like they could have come from the Himalayas themselves. Authentic prayer flags are printed with mantras that are believed to spread peace, compassion, wisdom, and strength when they blow in the wind. Animal Kingdom’s versions have symbols of wildlife that are non-theistic, but they’re still a gorgeous sight.

    • Pose in front of the flags strung around Expedition Everest.
    • Grab a seat on the bench between two massive foot statues with flags adorning the tree behind you.
    • Crouch down for a photo gazing upward at the flags.

    In the gardens in Canada

    Canada at Epcot

    Image: Michael Gray, Flickr (license)

    Head to Epcot’s Canada and you’ll find some of the best garden views in Disney. While there are plenty of other gardens throughout the parks and hotels, these are some of the least crowded. Constructed to mimic the Victoria Gardens, they have vivid flowers, a peaceful pond, and even a small cabin. Head further into Canada and you’ll find a massive waterfall awaiting you as well.

    • Pose with the gardens behind you for a romantic shot.
    • Get an eye-level photo of the kids in front of the flower beds.
    • Head back and get a picture dancing in front of the waterfall.

    Beneath Spaceship Earth

    Spaceship Earth

    Image: tcwmatt, Flickr (license)

    The standard photo of Spaceship Earth is from the front or back with the massive globe behind you. A better pick is to get underneath the attraction instead. The geodesic sphere is fascinating up close, and makes for an eye-catching background that will set off any Disney picture perfectly.

    • Pose directly beneath the globe and take a picture of the kids from below.
    • Stand near the bottom of the sphere and get a couple’s shot with the edge of the attraction behind you.
    • Take an angled shot with the side of the globe in your picture.

    Around Muppet Courtyard

    Muppet Courtyard

    Image: Paul Hudson, Flickr (license)

    Muppet Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is packed with gags. They’re easy to miss if you’re not looking, so slow down and challenge your kids to see how many jokes they can spot around the area. Get a picture with your favorite examples of the muppets’ silliness.

    • Pose in front of the fountain, mimicking the positions of the characters in it.
    • Stand stoically beside the tuxedoed Kermit, or get a close-up with just his giant green feet.
    • Gather your wild “animals” around the paint spattered lion’s head where Animal left his graffiti.

    Steer clear of the overdone shots and look for the locations that don’t have a long line. Use a little creativity and channel your inner Imagineer to get unique shots on your next trip to Disney.