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7 Interesting New Things Happening Right Now at Disney Springs (February 2019)

Disney Springs has become quite the subject of controversy for the past few years, with some outspoken fans saying this re-imagined shopping district has become too much like an outlet mall and isn’t really keeping with the “spirit” of the former Downtown Disney district any more. However, no matter how you feel about the changing face of this location, in the two years since this shopping district opened, Disney has been making a lot of changes, opening new stores, offering great deals, and even hosting some character-based events. 

This month, a limited time event comes to Disney Springs this week, new stores open, plus a big project gets a slight delay

1. PopUp Disney “D-Lish” event happening this weekend

Image: Disney

2. Grapefruit garage opening pushed to next month

Image: Disney

Though Disney Springs was originally planning to open the new Grapefruit Parking Garage this month, this project has been delayed slightly, and is now on track to open next month. The $58 million project will support parking for an additional 3,000 vehicles, and will feature the same space tracking technology that makes finding a space in the Lime and Orange garages so easy. And though this new garage will be on the other side of Buena Vista Drive, there will be an elevated crosswalk that will provide guests with direct walking access to the shopping district. 

3. Ron Jon Surf Shop coming to Disney Springs 

Image: Disney

The Ron Jon Surf Shop is a tourist mainstay, and now this iconic story is coming to Disney Springs. This 10,000-square-foot location will be in the Town Center area of Disney Springs, taking over the area that was most recently used to preview the new Kingdom Hearts game and the Disney Corner. 

4. Reusable bags now available at Disney Springs 

Image: Disney 

Last year Disney announced an ambitious green initiative that would see the reduction of plastic across the resort. And now it looks like at least part of that plan has come to fruition this week, as Disney has begun offering reusable bags at every shopping location across all four theme parks and Disney Springs. The cost of these bags varies by size ($1.00 for a small bag, $1.50 for a medium bag, and $2.00 for a large bag), and the design is different depending on where the bag is purchased. Though Disney made waves last year when they said they were eliminating plastic bags altogether, plastic bags continue to remain available for now at all shopping locations. 

5. Dole Whip comes to Disney Springs

Image: Disney

Though Dole Whips used to be a Magic Kingdom exclusive treat, this iconic frozen dessert has made its way to every single theme park at Walt Disney World, and now pineapple fans can find Dole Whips at the Marketplace Snacks kiosk at Disney Springs. In addition to the standard version of this snack, guests can also enjoy Dole Whip floats with pineapple juice or spiked with rum at Disney Springs as well! 

6. Free chocolate returns to Disney Springs Ghirardelli

Image: Disney 

Free samples at the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop at Disney Springs has been a longstanding tradition at the shopping district, with guests young and old enjoying this freebie. However, last month Ghirardelli stopped offering these free chocolates to guests who stop by the retail side of this shop thanks to a corporate change, with other Ghirardelli stores around the country also ending their free sample programs. However, last week, this shop began offering free samples again! We don’t know if this is a temporary or permanent change, but if you’re at Disney Springs soon, stop by while you can to grab your free chocolate! 

7. The Art Corner now open at Disney Springs

Image: Disney

The Art Corner, a new shop run by the Artistic Talent Group is now open at Disney Springs in the Marketplace area of the shopping district in the space where Little Miss Matched used to be. This temporary pop-up shop will feature classic watercolor caricatures, digital caricatures, hand-drawn names and an artistic marbling experience similar to that offered during the Epcot Festival of the Arts.