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    6 Must-See Dinner Shows Near Orlando’s Theme Parks

    Sleuths Dinner Show

    While it’s well-known that the theme parks host some fabulous meals, there are also many unforgettable dinners to be had outside the big name parks. These dinner shows are scattered around Orlando and the surrounding area. Many regularly offer specials on their tickets that can make them an affordable alternative to Disney dinner shows. Whether you’re looking for comedy for the kids, or an adults-only evening, there’s something that will work for your vacation.

    1. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

    Sleuths Dinner Show

    The Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show lets you test your detective skills to solve the crime. The diners at your table will become your team as you work together to decide which wacky character is the culprit. The experience lasts 2 ½ hours and is appropriate for nearly everyone in the family with a PG rating (the show likens its sexual innuendos and adult comedy features as similar to those found in sitcoms like Friends).

    First you’ll mingle with the characters as everyone assembles in the theater. A 45-minute show presents you with all the details available for your consideration. During dinner, you converse with your fellow guests to decide which questions to pose to the detective. Later, you’ll speak with the detective, and during dessert you have a chance to make your guess. At the conclusion of the show, guests who solved the mystery correctly are presented with fun prizes.

    The show generally gets good reviews, but you should be prepared for some corny comedy. While allowing each table to ask questions adds to the interactive element of the show, it can become a bit of a cumbersome process, leaving some visitors feeling impatient. The food gets good marks with a choice of cornish game hen, prime ribs, or cheese lasagna, but the drinks are quite pricey.

    2. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

    Pirates Dinner Adventure

    The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure takes place in an engaging setting, with guests seated on six ships surrounding the centerpiece in the 300,000-gallon indoor lagoon. The show’s “stage” is a Spanish galleon that measures an impressive 46 feet long and 18 feet wide. Each ship has its own mascot to cheer on during the harrowing pirate adventure.

    More than 150 guests get to participate in this highly immersive show. This is a family friendly experience that reviewers praise for its ability to keep kids interested. The meal starts with a soup or salad and the main course is your choice of half a roasted chicken, beef sirloin, or vegetarian lasagna. While the action gets high marks, the food is only mediocre. Come for the entertainment, not the food.

    3. Treasure Tavern Dinner

    Image: Treasure Tavern Dinner

    If you’re looking for an Orlando attraction that’s not catered to children and families, this is certainly it. If you’re in town without children or have a babysitter for the evening, Treasure Tavern is a fun choice for an adults-only evening. This variety show features a rotating schedule of acts that change seasonally so you may see something different on every visit. The show’s one staple is the presence of the “Jewels” who double as servers and show girls, bringing the entertainment right to the table.

    The show gets rave reviews and the four course dinner includes soup, salad, cheesecake, and your choice of beef tenderloin, roasted chicken, or vegeable lasagna. The show is most suitable for adults, but guests age 15 and older are permitted so long as all minors are accompanied by an adult.

    4. Capone’s Dinner and Show

    Capone's Dinner Show

    Capone’s Dinner and Show transports you to 1931, before prohibition was repealed. The Family has your back, but there are some cops crawling about and you can expect everything from hilarious jokes to a big shoot out before the night is over. The show is billed as a family friendly choice, but parents should note that there is some crude humor and make their own call as to what’s appropriate for their family.

    The meal is an Italian buffet, which is a refreshing change from the plated meals available at most dinner shows. While the food isn’t particularly innovative, you can eat and drink your fill. The singers get particularly high marks for their stellar voices, though some guests find the plot line a bit meandering and difficult to follow.

    5. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

    Image: WonderWorks Orlando

    The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show is an extension of WonderWorks Orlando. This is an excellent pick for families with kids. Just as the name suggests, the performance focuses on jokes and comedy that’s appropriate for all ages. Many adults find that they’re pleasantly surprised to be as entertained as their children.

    The show lasts 90 minutes, which is just long enough for guests to get their money’s worth without boring small children. Dinner is a pizza buffet, including salad and dessert. While the food isn’t gourmet fare, it’s in keeping with the family-oriented environment, offering a dish nearly everyone can agree upon.

    6. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

    Medieval Times

    Medieval Times is a chain, so this is one option you may be familiar with even if you’re from out of town. The show features jousting, falconry, and horsemanship. Dinner is a four course meal featuring oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, herb-roasted potatoes, spare ribs, and pastry. A vegetarian alternative is available as well with hummus and pita bread, three-bean stew, and fresh fruit.

    To get the most out of the experience, guests should arrive early for first-come seating. Get into the spirit of the tournament and cheer your knights on. The show gets great reviews from guests, particularly families. Children in particular enjoy the live animals, royal court, and unique medieval environment. The drawback complained about most often is the fact that servers handle large sections and often seem rushed and overwhelmed.

    If you want to try dinner with a refreshing twist, step into one of these theaters for an exciting performance alongside your meal.