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    5 Ways Frozen Might be RUINING the Disney Parks

    Image - Sam Howzit/Flickr.

    Not very long after Frozen was first released in theaters, setting box office records and winning award after award, its concepts and characters started hitting Disney theme parks. I think most would agree that the addition was a good thing, at first. Frozen and its protagonists Elsa and Anna were huge favorites, especially among young children, and added a strong incentive for many to visit and enjoy the Disney theme parks. But after a while the amount of Frozen-related things in the park became more than some would have liked. There are a number of reasons why they think Frozen is becoming a problem. Read below about some of the most common ones. 

    1. Frozen is compromising the mission of Epcot

    Image - Sam Howzit/Flickr.

    Yes, Epcot is already a long way from the Experimental Prototype of the City of Tomorrow that Walt Disney envisioned before his passing, but the addition of Frozen elements strays even further from the course. Until now, Epcot has always been about teaching and informer younger and older minds alike. But there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly educational about the attraction that’s replacing the very educational Maelstrom boat ride. This is an unfortunate turn of events for many who believe in the original intents of the Imagineers and the Walt Disney Company, as demonstrated in Epcot’s original dedication from E. Cordon Walker in 1982.

    To all who come to this place of joy, hope of enterprise and concepts of a future that promises new and exciting benefits for all. May EPCOT Center entertain, inform and inspire and above all, may it instill a new sense of belief and pride in man’s ability to shape a world that offers hope to people everywhere in the world.

    If things continue the way they’re going, that dedication might need to undergo a major rewrite…

    2. Frozen ended a time-honored Disney tradition

    The Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, in which the Disney characters we love parade down the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, was officially renamed the Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration with its 31st edition in 2014. In the words of the Walt Disney Company itself:

    Disney Parks will celebrate this Christmas with more than a parade, but with a heartfelt wish for the holiday season, the coming together of loved ones and family. In keeping with the spirit of “Frozen” where two sisters are united through the power of true love, Disney will bring together three groups of families and friends who have been apart or separated for the holidays, providing the ultimate Christmas gift. The reunions will take place at three magical Disney destinations – Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Aulani – making these reunions bigger, brighter and merrier.

    An interesting concept, but this major shift gives perhaps too much ownership of a legacy event to a single movie property. Even Mickey Mouse hasn’t been bestowed this particular honor. The Frozen Christmas Celebration thankfully also included other Disney concepts in its parade, including characters from Maleficent and Big Hero 6 and traditional favorites Toy Soldiers and Gingerbread Men. Still, naming the parade after one movie might be too much.

    3. Elsa and Anna are overshadowing the other Disney princesses

    The Frozen meet-up outgrew Prinsess Plass at Epcot and quickly overtook the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall. Cinderella’s own castle has been invaded by Arendelle’s Royal Couple; new princesses are in charge. It’s certainly exciting to see new Disney characters match and in many cases surpass the popularity of classic ones who have been around for over half of a century, but we also don’t ever want to stop appreciating Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

    4. The Frozen proliferation demonstrates the focus on the NEW

    Image © Disney.

    More and more lately, the Walt Disney Company has been favoring new properties over the ones that have stood the test of time. Pandora: The World of Avatar is a perfect example of that as a five year-old movie that’s taking over a big chunk of Disney’s Animal Kingdom because of its initial popularity. The emphasis on Frozen attractions and entertainment is another, if slightly less offensive, example of something new being prioritized over things old. Obviously the Disney parks need to keep up with the times, providing the things their fans are eager for. But, even if they’re less fresh or hip, the classics do matter and probably will likely continue to matter long after Frozen is forgotten.

    5. There’s just too much of it

    Frozen has to reach a saturation point at the parks eventually. We may even find that that point already passed once all of the Frozen attractions have opened to guests. While Frozen is a perfectly good movie and definitely merits some recognition from the Disney theme parks, especially given it’s large fan base, sometimes enough is enough. There is a laundry list of other Disney properties that haven’t been honored as attractions, so why so much Frozen so soon? Even if the demand is there now, it might not last. That would leave Disney with a surplus of attractions based on the movie. 

    This proliferation isn’t just limited to the Disney theme parks. There’s also the somewhat forced addition of Frozen characters into the ABC TV series Once Upon a Time. The Disney on Ice show, over thirty years old now, certainly went through a dramatic makeover. That’s not even to mention the endless dolls, costumes and other kinds of merchandise. While stirring up a lot of excitement for some, the excess of all things Frozen has earned the ire of others. Is Frozen having a negative affect on the Disney theme parks and the company as a whole? There are arguments for both sides, so ultimately it’s up to you to decide.